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Table Runner

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Table Runner

Eat together in harmony

The Table Runner will support you to more valuable moments around your table. To eat together can be significant and also a temptation. It gives you energy when you like it to tell your stories to each other and listen to your family, friends, or colleagues. To laugh with each other and to be happy gives you energy. 

It can also be a temptation every day again when you are not happy. Especially now, it’s essential to recharge your bad feelings and to develop more peace of mind. The table runner can significantly contribute to the value moments you use the table together and for the energy in your house or work environment.

Stop Coronastress

How simple can it be? Stop the Coronastress with a table runner.

Before you think of anything like what nonsense, think about it, imagine if it works? After all, you don’t have to tell anyone that this beautiful table runner is more than just a table runner.

Breaking stress

Breaking stress starts with a Table Runner. Do you sit at home a lot, and are you irritated? Or do you experience loneliness because you work a lot alone? Or do you have a bunch of teenagers in the house, and the stress of quarantine or isolation runs out? Use this table runner; there will be more PEACE and coziness at home.

Transformation Symbol

Through the Transformation Symbol vibration depicted on the table runner, you add a beautiful thrill to your life. The tension is so high here and there. Create more harmony in your life and family.

It might sound a bit hazy. That may be so. However, what do you care if it works?

What place do you put your table runner?

Put the table runner where you like it on a sideboard, side table, coffee table, dining table, or wherever you want it.

Getting together with your partner and family

If you place the table runner in a place where you meet with your partner and your family, this gives an added value. Make the Table Runner a part of the atmosphere that suits you.

The atmosphere determines yourself

If you want to place a candle, stone, fruit bowl, or anything else on the table runner, feel free to do so. However, you don’t need to add anything because the YesPower Transformation Symbol on the Table Runner transforms precisely the highest contribution for that moment in terms of operation. So the vibration in your home adapts itself without having to work hard.

Turning fear into a strength by a Table Runner

As a result, in many cases, more rest, enjoyment, relaxation.

Just from rest and togetherness, do it the way that suits every one of the household best. Go crazy and color just a little outside the lines you tend to handle for yourself. If you feel you want to do this, be surprised; this unique Table Runner can do for you. If you live with more people, each individual plus together.

Once, there was a Corona Tale

I know people think sometimes this is a fable, and fairytales don’t exist. I guess fairy tales always end well.

What if fairy tales DO exist? At least this fairy tale does exist. Once in Coronatime… The Symbol Fairy Tale originated at the same time as the Coronas fairy tale.

Are you still reading? What’s holding you back? It can’t cost you. All you have to do, put this Table Runner where you want to have it and live your life. Live and enjoy, so you feel like you can breathe the way you want to go.

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