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  • SI Simbolo Vita White Gold 32 diamonds

SI Simbolo Vita White Gold 32 diamonds

65,000.00 (Incl. VAT)

SI Simbolo Pendants with Diamonds

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SI Simbolo Chain Pendant White Gold 32 diamonds

  • 32 Diamonds
  • VVS1 / D-E
  • 0.36 Carat
  • Inclusive 18 carat Anker necklace 42 cm 1,5 mm


When we showed the draw of the SI Simbolo Pendant Gold to several people to test, we got beautiful reactions like:

‘Increase your resistance’
‘Dear Carla, the sun is so beautiful! What will be the price?’
‘I love it! You can feel the powerful force. Carla has a beautiful spirit. One in a million. Seeing her jewelry gives me so much focus.’
‘Hugely powerful. I also want one.’ 

The Power of the SI Simbolo Chain Pendant is impressive

The centripetal force is a combination of the YesPower Symbol, the material, and the place where you want to wear the Pendant, such as near your thymus, heart, or belly.

The power of beauty

Let’s say you have a consultation that depends on your business’s survival, have been nagging pain for years, are depressed, awkward job application, or exam, stress or date, and need a boost. Wear your Necklace with the YesPower Symbol and be surprised by the effect. It will be different for everyone because every need something else.

Formation of the Pendant

The SI Simbolo is magnificent. She has a lot of power, and the first time Carla Broekhuizen felt what the YesPower Transformation Pendant could mean in combination with 18-carat Yellow Gold, she was very impressed. 

It was gorgeous to see also what happened during the development process with the goldsmith. When the mother model from Silver was ready, it was impressive too. The silver version’s power was also much more potent than the founder had dared to imagine beforehand.

During the developing process, we developed 8 different materials for the Pendants, and it’s also possible to choose more exclusive Pendants on request.

Recover with the SI Simbolo Chain Pendant

The goldsmith made the YesPower Transformation Symbol’s front end in 3 different depths into the material, whereby you get different levels and see depth when you look into the Pendant. The backside of the Pendant is flat with inscription.

Beautiful Gold Recovery Pendants

The demand for different materials was diverse during the introduction, whereby we currently deliver 8 different versions.

All versions of the SI Simbolo will also be a significant contribution if you wear them on your belly also. The warm color of Gold will care for a warm belly. One of the things that’s very important in Taoism.

SI Simbolo Gold Line with Diamonds

SI Simbolo Gold Line

SI Simbolo Silver Line

Trust your first brain wave and follow your heart when you ask yourself which material is the most significant contribution to your life. The Universe will do what’s the best gift for you.

‘You can feel the powerful force.’

Sizes SI Simbolo Chain Pendants

We deliver one size of the Pendant. The sizes are:

  • Cross-section of the outside 45 mm
  • Cross-section of the inside 19 mm
  • The thickness of the Pendant expires to 2 mm

In the inner circle of the Pendant, there is no material whereby you see your skin.

Exclusive Jewels on demand

Do you want to talk about a diamond in the middle, other stones on the pendant, jewels for your ears or arm, let us know, please! We will be grateful to assist you and will be thankful to design beautiful jewels for you.

Contact us for more information

Bovis value

In October 2020, someone told the stakeholder from YesPower you couldn’t measure the YesPower Transformation Necklace Rosé Gold in life energy because the energy is too big. Either according to the Bovis value, the vibration of the YesPower Transformation Symbol is infinite.

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