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Transformation Pen

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YES, your fundamental no

When you say no, there is always something under the line you want more. Write your fundamental Yes-story with the YesPower Transformation Pen in your Notebook and recover yourself. 

Writing can be delightful

Writing on paper can be so delightful! For me, it’s different to write on paper and the computer. You use other senses behind the computer or telephone.

Use your inspiration or no inspiration of the moment. All can be what IS. For example, combine this with at least 3 things where you are grateful for every day, and it will be amazing.

Use your guides

Writing with the support of your guides or the Universe is inspiring. Take your time and do it in a place you feel good. They will guide you on what to write. See what’s coming out of your pen. When nothing is coming at that moment, see, feel, or look at what’s happening in your system. What is happens to you?

This is impressive to do. To let the words come… without judgment… maybe sometimes with just a little sight, tears in your eyes, or pain in your body, while your perception comes in another flow you’re used. Try it out and honor your gratitude for what IS. 




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Review YesPower Transformation Necklace Riemer Bouma

YesPower Transformation Necklace

Highly recommended!

"From the moment I put the amulet on, I felt it on my chest.
I also felt that I was being helped to base that my body's energy was calming down.
No doubt it works!
Highly recommended!"

RIEMER BOUMA  //  Project manager infra


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