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Transformation Notebook

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YesPower Transformation Notebook

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Do you want to feel freedom? Choose to develop. I know it can be exciting to change. Although the more value of choosing to reveal is so beautiful, it will be amazing. You can use the Power of Yes and write at least three things in your notebook where you’re grateful for every day. Gratitude is life-changing, and it will be amazing!

When I started with YesPower, the first slogan was ‘Yes your fundamental no’. When you say no to something, there is always a yes on another level. This Yes is very interesting. If you focus on this, Yes, you will grow, and your energy will your vibration flow how it has to be.

If you work with the Power of Yes in your YesPower Transformation Notebook, the Notebook can enormously support you in your transformation process.

Bovis value

In October 2020, someone told the stakeholder from YesPower you couldn’t measure the YesPower Transformation Symbol in life energy because the energy is too big. Either according to the Bovis value, the vibration of the YesPower Transformation Symbol is infinite.

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Review YesPower Transformation Necklace Riemer Bouma

YesPower Transformation Necklace

Highly recommended!

"From the moment I put the amulet on, I felt it on my chest.
I also felt that I was being helped to base that my body's energy was calming down.
No doubt it works!
Highly recommended!"

RIEMER BOUMA  //  Project manager infra


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