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  • 5 White Transformation Stickers

5 White Transformation Stickers

6.60 (Incl. VAT)

Transformation Stickers white background – round 54 mm intersection

5 White Transformation Stickers

Transformation Stickers for Teams

Work with Transformation Stickers means a win-win for everybody. The Universe will support you and your Team the best way for your business. The YesPower Transformation Sticker does what’s needed for your Teams.

What is needed depends on your Team, your possibilities, goals, and the highest contribution.

Recovery Sticker under Desk or Chair

Put the Transformation Stickers under the desks or chairs of your team. They will always work when you honor the Source of the Energy of YesPower. The Transformation Stickers will also deliver their contribution for your teams if you find it the best contribution to telling nobody why they are there.


Everybody knows your telephone generates rays which aren’t very healthy. Protect yourself, your Team, and your children. Paste a Transformation Sticker on your telephone to protect you against the rays. Try it out and experience what the Transformation can do for you.

More value for Business-owners

  • Small investment and big results
  • More motivated people
  • Higher productivity
  • Better use of their potential
  • More focus
  • Less investment for other expensive training for Transformation

More value for your Team

  • Less pain
  • Better motivation
  • Better relations
  • Less pain

Transformation Private Situation

Recharge your Private Situation

As a parent, your children are crucial to you. When it’s going well with your children, it’s going better with you too. 

If you have children who are stimulus sensitive, it can be challenging to handle different circumstances. Maybe you have a partner or parent who has a lot of pain and sits a lot on the same chair at home.

The Wisdom of the Universe

What and who it’s going about doesn’t matter at all. The wisdom of the Universe is almighty, and the vibration of the Transformation Stickers will deliver the best contribution in all circumstances. 

The only thing you have to do is to paste the YesPower Transformation Sticker.

More value for Parents & Children

  • Children with high sensitivity – more rest
  • Less pain
  • Better relations
  • More focus
  • Less stress
  • Sleep better

Bovis value

In October 2020, someone told the stakeholder from YesPower you couldn’t measure the YesPower Transformation Symbol in life energy because the energy is too big. Either according to the Bovis value, the vibration of the YesPower Transformation Symbol is infinite.

Gewicht 0.015 kg
Afmetingen 50 × 50 cm

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