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10 Team Transformation Stickers

12.00 (incl. VAT)

Transformation Stickers – round 53 mm intersection

10 Team Transformation Stickers

Transformation Stickers for your Team

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Team Transformation Stickers means a win-win for everybody. The Universe will support you and your Team the best way it can for all your team members and your business. What is needed depends on your teams, businesses, possibilities, goals, and the highest contribution.

Recovery Sticker under Desk or Chair

Put the Transformation Stickers under the desks or chairs of your Team. They will always work when you honor the Source of the Energy of YesPower. The Transformation Stickers will also deliver their contribution to your teams if you find it the best gift to telling nobody why they are there.


A boardroom is an essential place for your company. You decide important decisions over there. Imagine what the Team Transformation Stickers can do for your company when you put them under the chairs or the boardroom table by every place to sit.

Check Contribution Recovery Stickers

If you want to check the YesPower Transformation Stickers contribute to your company, be my guest. Enlarge the picture of the YesPower logo and focus on the golden sun. Feel and see what happens in you. For example, if you ask, will it contribute if we paste YesPower Transformation Stickers in our Boardroom?

If you get a Yes… order the amount you want to have from Transparency or the regular Transformation Stickers with a white background and paste them on the places where you want to have them.


Everybody knows your telephone generates rays which aren’t very healthy. Protect yourself, your Team, and your children. Paste a Transformation Sticker on your telephone to protect you against the rays. Try it out and experience what the Transformation can do for you.

More value for Business-owners

  • Small investment and big results
  • More motivated people
  • Higher productivity
  • Better use of their potential
  • More focus
  • Less investment for other expensive training for Transformation

More value for your Team

  • Less pain
  • Better motivation
  • Better relations
  • Less pain

How does the YesPower Transformation Symbol work?

The remarkable thing is the following. The flat picture of the YesPower Symbol from years ago is through the Transformation processes, and confidence in the Wisdom of the Universe from Carla Broekhuizen, filled with power.

Only when you honour the source Carla Broekhuizen will the Symbol have the power of how the Universe it’s meant to BE. When the logo is misused, the Universe will stagnate the vibration of the YesPower Symbol.

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