November 9



"Use the word YesPowerment in your daily life, and everything in your life will be lifted to a higher level." 

What is YesPowerment? 

YesPowering is living from surrender, gratitude, ease, love, and intense enjoyment. In other words, you realize the Yespower Way of Life by following what presents itself on your life path and enjoying what is.

The word YesPowering was introduced on November 9, 2023. The Universe also indicated that it is a contribution to introduce this positive word, also called an empowerment word, on an earthly level.

The vibrations of the word are unprecedentedly pure and potent, genuinely enormous! The remarkable thing is that the angels and guides showed a dance of joy at the moment they introduced the word Yespoweren.

You feed and will be nourished by your angels and guides, meaning you feed everything and everyone.

Deepening your growth process by YesPowering

Deepening your growth process by YesPowering, the word loneliness disappears. When you live from your core, purity and inner strength radiate from you without you having to formulate things. Not everyone will pick up this energy because they can no longer perceive the vibration, and your vibration is part of this process.

Therefore, make sure you give yourself enough space on an earthly level to continue developing your individuality; otherwise, you will get stuck.

YesPoweren - Yesbord

Your body language as an indicator

Your body is always honest. The trick is to get to know your body's language and listen carefully to the story your body is telling. Plus to take this story seriously.

Of course, there are many healers and bodyworkers in the world who can tell you everything about your body. Nevertheless, it is important that you continue to develop yourself and ask yourself whether it is right for you.

Listening to your body, how do you do that?

How do you listen to body signals? Learning to listen to your body may seem complicated. However, this does not have to be the case.

Ask questions about the part of your body that presents itself when you want to receive information. Do you want to develop and deepen this art? Sign up for the YesPower Online Training.

Staying true to yourself

Stay very close to yourself in your process. Step back every time so that you take the time and space to come and stay with yourself.

Continue to serve yourself instead of serving what you think is good for you or engaging in socially desirable behavior.

Your mind is very powerful and can completely destroy your process, causing you to take steps backward instead of forward. However, your body always sends signals to you. Listen to those signals and let yourself be surprised by what else is possible.

Learning to feel, how do you do that?

For many people, learning to feel better is a charge. I would like to say that learning to feel is a beautiful process that enriches one's life enormously and gives one joy.

People have different ways of thinking and qualities. These differences make the various emotions and feelings much more accessible for some than for others.

Difference Between Emotions and Feeling

Emotions are visible to others; you can see them as outward feedback. What you feel takes place within you. It's feedback to yourself.
So it's up to you what you do with this feedback. Do you pick it up, or do you leave it? If you leave things, they will keep repeating themselves more intensively until you have picked up life lessons from them.

Basic emotions

Primary emotions are emotions that have universal similarities in the facial expressions of different people. You can also see these emotions in people who are deaf or blind.

  • Love
  • Joy
  • Wondering
  • Surprise
  • Grief
  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Disgust

Why do people find feeling difficult?

In Western culture, many people are trained to use their heads and ignore their feelings.

For example, in November 2023, I heard a farmer's wisdom, "Wimps are not born but made." There is some truth in this because, in my opinion, children are currently being pampered too much in many areas instead of being stimulated to use their potential.

Plus, as a human being, you can also use your wisdom to empower yourself, children, employees, the world and its potential and to strengthen each other

Several tips to develop a feeling

Look into each other's eyes

Consciously take the time to be on a date or with someone, for example, and only look each other in the eye without speaking.

Give space to yourself and experience what arises within you and what kind of spark jumps over on a deeper level.

Hang out with people who give you energy.

Stop hiding yourself, obligations you think you can't avoid, encounters, and contacts with people that drain your energy. Step into your life force and your possibilities.

Focus on what gives you energy

Do things that make you happy and provide you with energy.

Caressing each other with your face

Create a space where you can have a good time to experience safety and comfort. Light a candle, turn on music, have a fireplace in the background or whatever is the biggest contribution for you where only your faces caress each other.

Take the time to fully immerse yourself in this. Intense enjoyment with and from each other.

Touching hands

Intentionally take the time to look each other in the eye and only touch and care for each other's hands.

Love yourself lovingly and gently

Create a safe space and create time and space to love yourself lovingly and softly, and make use of transformational sexuality if you want to.

The moment you learn to love yourself lovingly and gently, the other person can be an addition to you and your system without having to be an interpretation. Plus, you're no longer dependent to meet your sexual needs. As a result, you grow in yourself and your relationships.

This is how you do YesPowering

Develop yourself and learn more and more about what is right for you and your energy system. And the word YesPower, use it! This word is so powerful! Unprecedented ❤️

Yes Symbol Products and Personal Development

Using Yes Symbol Products has helped many people before. Think, for example, of Yes Symbol Stickers, Yes Symbol Mirror, and the Sleep Sensation.

Using the Yes Symbol Products supports your process of optimizing your life energy. Use it to your advantage.

Do you want more growth and depth in your life and work? Look here for more information. Do you have any questions or comments? Please get in touch with contact, or +31851300067

Carla Broekhuizen
Passion for YesPowerment


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