YesPower Transformation Symbol

Unique Transformation Products for your Company, Teams, Relations, Body & Mind


The YesPower Symbol takes you into Transformation without giving words.

The Universe called the carrier of the Symbol Carla Broekhuizen in 2020 when she was walking in the wood. The Universe called 'You have to do something with the Symbol.'

Earlier, the Symbol designed by Monice Janson was just a picture for years. Now, the YesPower Symbol is loaded by Carla's energy to Transform through the loaded YesPower Transformation Products. 

The products work Easily, Efficiently, and Powerful.

YesPower Transformation Symbol

Powerful Products & Easy to use


When you work with the YesPower Transformation Products, you will cooperate with the Wisdom and Power of the Universe. It will be amazing.

Other traditionally known symbols prepare you for transformation. The YesPower Symbol is loaded with energy from now and takes you into transformation without giving words.The Universe will assist you at the right moment with the highest contribution for you.

Advice: always go to a doctor when you need medical advice! 

YesPower Transformation Symbol

Transformation Stickers

5 for € 6,60
incl. btw

If you want to increase your immune system, to drink water for less stress, motivated teams, good relations, less stress in the boardroom or want to have less pain?
Use the YesPower Transformation Stickers.

YesPower Transformation Symbol


The energy from the YesPower Symbol is New and Powerful. The energy transforms without words

High Sensitivity

To be High Sensitive gives you a lot. Simultaneously, costs high sensitivity the most people a lot of energy because they feel all the stimuli and don't know how to block up themselves. The Transformation Products will support you to block up easily.

If you are highly sensitive, have a highly sensitive child, or work with children, there are different possibilities. When you work with children, adolescents, or adults, past a Transformation Sticker under their chairs and see what happens, it will work without mentioning.

If you are highly sensitive by yourself, the Sleep Sensation is recommendable.

Baby's and children

When your baby cries a lot, doesn't want to eat, or has pain is awful. You don't know what to do anymore. Sleep Sensation will be a beautiful contribution to your baby or small child. Choose the size you want to have, and the Universe will care for your child.

Always the right choice

You will always make the right choice. If you think it is the right product or size of a product, you can trust you make the right choice. The Universe regulates the strength of the energy exactly how it's the best contribution to you or your system.

Higher Productivity through YesPower Transformation Product Sleep Sensation

Stop with sleep or wake up badly. Choose for pure rest, less pain, more resistance, less stress, a better relation, or whatever you need. The Universe will know what's best for you.

YesPower Transformation Symbol

About the YesPower Symbol

Review YesPower Symbol Monique de Graaf
Monique de Graaf

It's not easy to put into words what I experienced. I felt specific, powerful energy flowing through me as if I was being put back into my power. 

Something you feel you can compare to being reborn.

Review YesPower Symbol Ewoud Meijer
Ewoud Meijer
Love and Attention

The YesPower Symbol brings you in confidence to one point of Love and Attention.

Review YesPower Symbol Petra Kalsbeek
Petra Kalsbeek
Your guide to truth

The symbol takes you to your own (soul) core so that you naturally "know" how to make changes.
The symbol might be considered your guide to truth, purity, and connection.
Connection with your potential and strength!

The Source

The Source of YesPower is Carla Broekhuizen. She is an earthly Businessmedium. She works and lives from Confidence, whereby the Symbol stays loaded through her energy. She says, 'I have worked my whole life here.' 

Facebook Group

Buyers from a YesPower Transformation Product get a link to a Private Facebook Group. In the Facebook Group, you can share your experiences with other people and ask questions.

The additional pages for the Transformation Products will be here soon. If you want to order a product already send a message to and you will hear from us as soon as possible. If you have questions or suggestions, let us know, please!

Best regards,
The YesPower Team

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