July 6

Yes Symbol

Very High Vibration Yes Symbol

The Yes Symbol, a powerful and positive symbol with an intriguingly high vibration, is not just a symbol. It's a unifying force individuals use in their energetic and spiritual practices, bringing them together in a shared journey of growth and enlightenment.

The Yes Symbol embodies the essence of life energy and living with surrender, joy, ease, gratitude, and intense enjoyment, offering a path to inner peace and contentment.

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Yes Symbol Healing

In healing sessions, the Yes Symbol amplifies the healing energy. Visualizing the symbol or placing a Yes Symbol Sticker can open you to healing and positive change. It symbolizes infinite joy, growth, and the power of yes.

The healing effect of the Yes Symbol was introduced in the Netherlands at the Zuijlenstein Estate in Leersum in the Netherlands, when Corona became visible. It is often associated with shamanism, energetic work, maya's and esoteric traditions.

Those who have experienced the transformative power of the Yes Symbol speak of its ability to instill hope and inspiration, as it removes blockages and promotes positive change.

What is the Yes Symbol?

The Yes Symbol is an energetic healer, a tool to promote life energy, healing, and harmony. It is a potent addition to healing sessions and spiritual practices. The Yes Symbol is connected to a very high dimension.

For example, healing with the Symbol goes much further than Access Consciousness. By comparison, Access is old energy and the Yes Symbol is new energy.

From July 2026 it is the right time to really spread this innovative energy worldwide. The vibration of the Yes Symbol is so intense, reaches so high and goes so deep... this cannot be described in words!.

Use of the Yes Symbol

The Symbol is a versatile tool that can be seamlessly integrated into various aspects of your daily life, empowering you to promote positive energy and increase your sense of empowerment.

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Using the Yes Symbol

  1. Visualization: Take a moment to visualize the Yes Symbol in your mind. Imagine the symbol radiating with bright white light and positive energy. Use this as a confirmation of your intentions, for example before starting a new task or making an important decision.
  2. Meditation: Use the symbol during meditation. Take a Yes Symbol Sticker in your hand. Visualize it clearly before of you and let it connect you with positive energy. Inwardly say “yes” to healing, peace and joy.
  3. Affirmations: Repeat positive affirmations while keeping the symbol in mind. For example: “I live with ease from surrender, joy and gratitude”, “I receive abundance at all levels in my life with ease and joy” plus conclude with Yes Symbol Accelerate three times for extra reinforcement.
  4. Intention for your day: Before you start a new day, place a sticker of the Yes Symbol on a notepad, and set a positive intention. For example: “I say yes to joy, love, and abundance.”
  5. Jewelry: Wear SI Simbolo jewelry. SI Simbolo is the jewelry line of the Yes Symbol. SI Simbolo jewelry such as, a necklace, bracelet, buckle, accessory for a wedding dress, etc. are created on request.
  6. Yes Symbol Products: There are several Yes Symbol Products that you can use. For example, stick a Yes Symbol Sticker under your table, desk, chair, telephone, or computer. Use a Yes Symbol notepad. Hang a mirror with the Yes Symbol or a wall decoration at work or at home so that the energy flows positively and blockages are removed. Sleep with a Sleep Sensation.
  7. Manifestation: Write your wishes or goals on a piece of paper and attach a sticker of the Yes Symbol. Place it on an altar or under your pillow to strengthen your intentions.
  8. Ask questions: Place a sticker of the Yes Symbol.  Sleep with a Sleep SensationUse a Yes Symbol NotebookAsk the Yes Powerment questions. Let the answers flow in.

Overview YesPower Events

Yes Symbol Accelerate Training

Yes Symbol Accelerate

Would you like to gain more knowledge and experience about the new and exclusive power and energy of the Yes Symbol and its healing aspects? Participate in the one-day Yes Symbol Accelerate Training.

The benefits of channeling and healing with the Yes Symbol is that it involves a profound channel symbol and healing technique that is complementary to other techniques and that if you know how this powerful energy works, the energy is always available wherever you are. 

YesPower Fundamentals

YesPowerment Fundamentals

Would you rather first further strengthen your own foundation before getting started with the profound purifying effect of the Yes Symbol? This is also possible.

YesPowerment Fundamentals is a three-day training where you gain in-depth experience in the field of the energy of the Yes Symbol.

Have you never heard of the Yes Symbol? No problem!. We explain everything step by step.

Are you a professional such as coach, masseur, physiotherapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, doctor, dance teacher and would you like to know more about what the Yes Symbol can mean for yourself and for your clients? Participate in one of the YesPower Classes.

For questions and comments please contact us. We are happy to assist you and are very happy to introduce you to this beautiful, clear and profound energy.


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