Transformation Trinity

Transformation Trinity

Increase your Immune System

Supports Everybody

Why a trinity instead of 1 Transformation Product? 

Everybody is different. One Transformation Product can be enough for someone and can't be enough for someone else to guarantee the Immune System increase.

Will the immune system increases quickly enough to increase resistance against viruses is another thing. How can we prove what the cause and effect are?

The different Transformation Products strengthen each other. Besides, if we want to guarantee something, it's easier to ensure with 3 Transformation Products than with one.

YesPower Transformation Necklace Silver wood
The energy from the YesPower Transformation Symbol is New and Powerful. 
The energy transforms without words.

Carla Broekhuizen

Lack in your life

Materialistically, you have everything. However, you experience a lack in your life. Sometimes you feel lonely and bored. Your head never stands still. What you do, doesn't feed you ultimately. Maybe you are bent to experience things negatively instead of positively. Unfortunately, you can't share where it's going about in your life.

Or you've lost someone you loved very much and what causes a loss to you. It's time to fill the void with things that give you energy.

Time in combination with proving

In other dimensions, time doesn't exist. However, we live on earth, and if we want to prove something, we have to take time seriously. For example, you're 50 years old. You have habits developed. When you use the Transformation Products, the Universe can't recharge things too quickly because your system will melt.
Either, the earlier you start to use the Transformation Products, the more time your system has to recover.

3 Important things of the Trinity

The Trinity has to be:

  • Easy to use
  • Contribution to everybody
  • When the Trinity is proved, the Transformation Products have to be available all around the world.
“Freedom is to BE who you ARE”

Carla Broekhuizen

Transformation Products have to be a contribution to everybody.
There are several Products to improve your Immune System, but to be a contribution for everybody is a big thing to say.

How can we, for example, prove it's a contribution for people with a donor's heart also? Most systems find this risk too big and don't want to say this, and I understand this. I can't know this at this moment also because it isn't proved the Trinity increases the immune system for people with donor organs also.
And suppose that the immune system increases from people with donor organs. How will their organs in combination with their medicine and the development of their immune system?

The only thing I can say is that the Universe told me the YesPower Transformation Symbol IS a contribution for everybody. But I think we have to prove this before I can say it is.

YesPower Transformation Sleep Sensation

Time is important

We live on earth, and will our immune system protect us. If you have a terrible resistance now because:

  • You're sick;
  • You have bad habits;
  • You have an addiction to drink or to use drugs;
  • You don't want to life;
  • Or something else.

    You may undermine your immune system.

Light is always stronger than darkness

When you focus on darkness, the Trinity will assist you. Focus on Light, and you will feel more power of the Trinity. 

Choose to focus on what you want or don't

If you choose to focus on what you want, this will contribute to your immunes system. If you focus on what you don't want, you will undermine your immune system.

Playing games

What you see is not always what you get in all walks of life. When people say something, it's not still the truth. It's essential to take this with us also. It's people's responsibility to choose to focus on what they want to realize.

If someone focuses on what they wish to, the Trinity can be a contribution. If people say they want to focus and do not apply the corresponding conditions, they are responsible. The Universe truth can only assist you when you want to be assisted.

YesPower Transformation Stickers in development

The big picture

People with a death-wish, for example, undermine their immune system. Only a Sleep Sensation will assist them also. The help will often be slow so people can break through their issues without playing games with themselves anymore.

Because the big picture of the Universe is more significant than their view of the world and there will be a big chance people choose to develop their skills for more enjoyment in their life.

When people have already chosen for death and know how to and when they want to do this, it's possible they still will do their thing and will end their life.

Choose for life

How is it possible to guarantee the Trinity will work for everybody? There will always be regulations. But what if we can prove the Trinity contributes in all cases to the Increases the Immune System? 

YesPower Transformation Stickers Transparance water

A few questions

Imagine the YesPower Transformation Symbol contributes to people and increases the immune system we want to realize, and we don't need vaccines for all different viruses anymore.

  • What will be the contribution to the big picture in the world?
  • What can be the involvement in the self-mastery of people?
  • What will this mean to the structure and systems in the world?
  • What will this mean to the (power of) the pharmaceutic industry?

Distinctiveness YesPower Transformation Symbol

The difference with the YesPower Transformation Products is the YesPower Transformation Symbol is no system what we as people find out. It's going about a Symbol that's loaded through the Universe to use for everybody who wants to use it properly. 

Only a positive contribution when used positive

When people want to misuse the YesPower Transformation Symbol, then the power is broken. Choose people to focus on a contribution for everybody and the source also; the emphasis will consist. When people copy the Symbol without feeding the Symbol's Source, they broke the power for themselves and their customers.

Either, you can't play games with the incredible Universal truth. The only thing what's has to happen is to prove this Trinity Increase the Immune System.

If you want to be involved in this research, please let me know.

Loving regards,
Carla Broekhuizen

YesPower Transformation Products

p.s. Call up to researchers

Researchers sought to increase immune system

Which international academic researchers do want to seek another form to increase the immune system?

The Universe told me to look to the big picture and told me when people use 3 things, it will be a trinity to increase their immune system.

The immune system will increase, whereby viruses like Corona nearly get a grip on your immune system. The self-mastery intelligence of your body and mind will stimulate their expertise out of universal truth to be healthy through the use of the trinity.

The trinity exists of:

  • Transformation Sticker - to increase the vibration of water that people have to drink;
  • Transformation Necklace - to increase the vibration and for protection;
  • Sleep Sensation - to increase the vibration and to protect while you sleep.

What's needed to prove this trinity contributes to the immune system in a way people can't be killed through the attack on their immune system anymore through viruses like Corona?

How many participants do you need to prove the trinity recharge the people's immune system when a virus attacks their system?

Which international possibilities make this international research possible?

Who can and do want to assist me so we make this vital research possible?

Loving regards,
Carla Broekhuizen