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YesPower Transform Meditationcircle

39.95 (excl. BTW)

SKU: Nicky Velours Circle about 70 cm across - 80% Cotton/20% Polyester Categories: , Tags: , , , , , , , , , ,

YesPower Transform Meditationcircle

Boost your Meditation

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Boost your Meditation with the YesPower Transform Meditationcircle. Through the high vibrations of the Symbol, your Meditation will be unique. The earth’s power, combined with the power of the Universe, will make it easier to meditate, and your meditations will become more significant than ever.

Bovis value

In October 2020, someone told the stakeholder from YesPower you couldn’t measure the YesPower Transformation Symbol in life energy because the energy is too big. Either according to the Bovis value, the vibration of the YesPower Transformation Symbol is infinite.

Dimensions 70 cm


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