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Terms and Conditions Yespower

About YesPower

YesPower is part of YesPower Personal Growth B.V. - Passion for YesPowerment. The Awareness Development Organization's other brands are SI Simbolo - The most Powerful Jewelry in the World and YesPower Business - Business Medium.

Be Responsible for our choices

YesPower lives and works according to the principle that we are responsible for our choices in all cases and in all areas of our lives.

YesPower only provides options for those choices. It is up to you what you want to do with our advice. You will always take responsibility for your choices and actions and, by doing so, for the consequences of your actions.

Therefore, in all cases, you also decide how you want to deal with what we provide you through the information we have received from the Universe.

We all have a full responsibility to adhere to the law of The Netherlands because YesPower Personal Growth B.V. is based in The Netherlands. In our roles, positions, and consultancy work, we do the same ourselves and expect it from those we work with.

'Code' by Mycene

We work according to ancient pre-Greek wisdom. The wisdom is called the 'Code' of Mycenae (and originated between about 1600 and 1100 BC).

Mycene only knew 2 'articles of law.'

1. Don't put your neighbor at a disadvantage;

2. If you have understood the essence of Article 1 correctly, do what you want. Our terms and conditions are limited to the mandatory fact that we abide by the laws of the Netherlands. 

We also expect our relations to do so. We do not want to harm others in the broadest sense, and we also mutually agree with and expect from those with whom we cooperate in any way with these Terms and Conditions. As in existing laws, everyone must abide by their agreements and continue to live freely.

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