September 23

Silence conveys more than words


Words distort & Silence creates truth

"Silence goes beyond words."    -   CB

Manifestation on different levels

During a conversation about manifestation and the power of positive thinking, it was interesting to observe how manifestation and the law of attraction work on different levels. There seems to be a separation taking place on various levels of manifestation. We see that there is one layer of manifestation where the law of attraction works as intended. 

In other words, what you put out is what you get back. However, there also seems to be another layer where it works differently than the above layer.

When it comes to deeper levels of manifestation, it is often observed that if there is a significant positive contribution at the meta level, countervailing forces may come into play aimed at canceling out the positive contribution. Essentially, those who are focused on destruction.

The power of light and purity

From my own experience, I have found that the power of light is always stronger than the power of darkness and negativity. In my opinion, it is therefore important to have a clear vision and be decisive in breaking through these countervailing forces. One must strive to live and work from the power of light and purity.

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Shedding ego

In order to be able to guide people to the level of living of surrender that is intended, I first had to lay down my ego even further. After this period grow to the next level was possible.

"When you can be silent, you are ready to grow in your steps of deepening."   -   CB

Deepening Gratitude

At first, I declined. At that time, I was still thinking in terms of shortages. Later, I operated out of gratitude and accepted this offer anyway.

I can tell you that a lot of things went through my mind during the period that I lived and worked in shortages. The deepening of gratitude and the gift of being able to eat with your children, was indescribable.

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Appropriating your own process

In my growth process, I have also experienced that I once underwent in-depth sessions with someone for a few days in a row to break things through. 

What was interesting was that prior to the first session of this process, I felt that the sessions had a too low vibration for me because the energy of the facilitator was too heavy for me.

What also was interesting was that my energy shifted his energy to a higher level and after four sessions within a week, his vibration felt bright and light to me again.

However, it took me a week before I was fully back to myself and in my own power.

"Stop fighting. Follow what's there!" -CB

Process of deepening, strength and gratitude

This process of deepening, strength and gratitude offered me that I had to turn inward again to live and work even more from my own strength and self-love

Plus I wouldn't let myself be intimidated anymore. It placed me even more in my Goddess power. I was grateful that I had been able to experience this.

However, from my point of view, it is NEVER the intention that you take a week to get back into your positive flow after a session or several sessions if you are used to live from positive flow!!

I would therefore advise you that if you find that someone does not have the right vibration to guide you, please choose someone else to guide you in your growth process!

Please, find out what the biggest contribution is to you and your system. Only if you take yourself seriously, others will take you seriously.

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Divine power in you

  • Purity
  • Gratitude
  • Surrender
  • Vibration
  • Awareness

The added value of Silence

The added value of Silence is not to describe in words. Silence goes beyond words. It is pure, devine, high vibrated and generates infinite possibilities.

Silence allows your energy to flow again so that it becomes fluid. Experience by yourself what silence will do for you.

During a conversation it was also nice to talk about Silence. Plus how Silence didn't have to be filled with words.

A metaphor about Silence and Marketing

Put your marketing issue in a box of Silence for a week.
Let the Silence do her work and see after a week what the Silence has achieved whereby the marketing becomes fluid.

Isn't that wonderful?
Silence goes beyond words.

Next Level of Business and Personal Development

Silence goes beyond words. How would it be for you to develop yourself professionally and personally through Silence, in which we use Dachsan - eye contact where we convey the Silence? This is possible during Business Consultancy guidance.

Of course, during your period of Business Consultancy guidance, you also provide your questions in Dutch or English so your Business Medium can provide clear input from the universe.

Are you curious if there is a click to develop yourself at this level? For more information, read more or contact us or call +31851300067.

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