Shipping Policy

SI Simbolo Chain Pendant Gold 352 Diamonds

Shipping Policy YesPower Transformation Products

The operation starts as the order is placed.

The operation of the YesPower Transformation Products starts as soon as your order is placed. It's all going about energy and your intention. If you place an order, you say to the Universe you want to receive support in your process. The Universe loves it to support you, and the operation will start already!

24-hours economy

Of course, we know we live in a 24-hours economy, and we want to receive our orders the next day if this is possible. On the other hand, we also know time doesn't exist in other dimensions. In the context of we do what's possible to deliver your products as soon as possible, we will do all that's possible to deliver your YesPower Transformation Products as soon as we can. 


We will do our best to deliver your YesPower Transformation Products as soon as possible. We ask from you to trust we will do our best in ALL circumstances to serve you in combination with what's meant to BE. 

If you choose to purchase a YesPower Transformation Product, you decide to contribute yourself and empower the world.

The YesPower Transformation Symbol can empower you through Energy or Vibration.


If you want to test the YesPower Transformation Symbol, this can be a contribution:

Enlarge the YesPower Logo on your screen. Look in the golden sun... and experience what happens in your system. If nothing happens and you know the Symbol will contribute to your life, choose what you want to select. When it feels light, choose 100% to transform. Buy the products you wish to receive. If you don't want to order, don't do it. Choose the thing you want to choose...

Shipping Policy SI Simbolo

Within Europe

All SI Simbolo necklaces are shipped to you by YesPower FOR FREE within Europe.

Shipping outside Europe

For shipments outside Europe, YesPower will request the costs in advance and pass them on unless otherwise agreed with you.

Shipment confirmation and order tracking

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with your tracking number(s). The tracking number is active within 24 hours.

Customs, Taxes, and Duties

YesPower is not responsible for any customs and taxes that apply to your order. Any costs imposed during or after shipping are the responsibility of the customer (rates, taxes, etc.).

Shipping Policy other Transformation Products

For all other YesPower Transformation Products, YesPower passes on the transport costs to the customer. The price depends on the product and the location where the goods are to be delivered.


 If you have received your order damaged, be sure to get in touch with YesPower immediately and keep all packaging materials and damaged goods. Contact directly with YesPower ( We will go through the process with you.

If you have any questions, ask our  team

Best regards, 
The YesPower Team


“Investment in your transformation process is the most valuable investment there is”

Carla Broekhuizen