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Say Yes for Now


Say Yes to Now

Now, the only reality that exists

Say Yes to Now

The only fascinating time is the present moment. Tomorrow is the future. In the moment of tomorrow, today is already the past. The awareness of now is already gone, whereas now is always present. History is old news that you can't change. So, if your mind can't stop thinking, it's time to focus on now!

"The space you experience by living in the Now is unsurpassed."   -   CB

Yes to What is Now

Always say YES to what is Now, which is the most essential thing in your life.

When you say yes to the now, you can use all your possibilities and enter a supreme state of concentration. You are entering a state of being where possibilities flow to you because you open yourself up to a higher vibration. Your source of inspiration is, therefore, inexhaustible.

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Does your head never stand still?

Are you always on, and does your head never stand still? Do you hear voices in your head?

You're not alone! Most people hear or see something in their heads. In many cases, they are parts of yourself that want to make contact with you as the conductor of your life.

Only a few people can choose silence in their minds when they want to.

Invitation to develop your consciousness

If the stories keep coming into your head, it's often impossible to stop them. However, you can also approach it positively.

If you are not aware of it, your mind usually wants to control your life and future while reacting to impressions from your past. We invite you to develop your consciousness if you want peace of mind.

So, do you fall into the same trap over and over again? Allow yourself to discover the total life energy and passion that is possible for you in your life. Say YES every time for what is NOW. Grow in your consciousness, and have fun!

"The abundance of joy in the Now makes your worries and pain fade away."   -   CB

Wealth from within

Whoever you are and whatever you do. Everything is impermanent. The only thing that is essential in your life is the Now.

Don't worry about later, today or tomorrow. You can't take your material things with you when you die. The only essential thing is your inner growth.

Understand the art of inner joy, the rest is secondary.
Be aware of what is now. Use all your senses. That's all that matters. You create space in all areas, opening doors that would otherwise remain closed.

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Why do we waste our energy?

Interestingly, as humans, we spend so much time and energy on the past and the future. Our mind constantly analyzes past things and often never stands still.
We collect all impressions on an earthly level, and at the same time, we ignore the need to say YES in the moment. The now is the only thing that makes you happy right now.

Your mind is the tool you can use to make things happen now. The past is already over and fascinating. Choose not to think about tomorrow and the past anymore.
Instead, it's time to live mindfully and experience what you feel, see, hear, smell, and ARE where you are right now. Be where you are now, with attention.

Enjoy what you do Now

  • Every step you take when you walk.
  • When washing your hands, feel the water flowing and feel your hands. Also, say, for example, 3 x YesPowerment - Yes Symbol Accelerate.
  • Drink your water carefully and say, for example, 3 x YesPowerment - Yes Symbol Accelerate.
  • When cleansing your body. Feel the softness of your skin and experience the differences in the different parts of your body. Become aware of the water. Experience the atmosphere and say, for example, 3 x YesPowerment - Yes Symbol Accelerate.
  • Breathe consciously.

Eating mindfully

Nowadays, there is a lot of focus on what we eat and drink. All supplements are available to replenish all the nutrients we otherwise lack because the nutrients we get from our usual diet are insufficient.

Consciously pay attention to every bite and sip you eat and drink.

•Take your time
•Enjoy every bite and sip you take
•Smell what you eat and drink
•Experience the substance of the food and the moisture on your tongue, palate, and lips when you lick your mouth
•Experience how hot or cold it is what you put in your mouth
•How the cutlery feels
•What does it do to you when you see the food on your plate?
•What happens when you swallow?
•How does the food sink into your body?
•What happens when you ask your body what it wants to eat and drink right now?
•And... What happens to you now?

Doing things with attention

Doing things with attention sheds new light on your life and work. The moment you work and live from the Now, in combination with saying YES to what is now, false certainties disappear.

They no longer have any value, while other things that didn't seem important before take on a completely different value.

Creation from surrender

The most famous scientists and artists create the most beautiful inventions and art in a state of complete surrender. Being where they let go of their minds. It is a situation in which you are not disturbed by your mind.

By surrendering to the now, you also let your energy flow to achieve the most beautiful results in the highest state of readiness. You feel whole.

You are increasingly able to receive what is most significant to you.
Your past doesn't play a role at that moment, and your future isn't necessary either. Only the moment of creation is the moment when everything flows. Fears and limitations shift to the background, and you focus on what you are doing at the Now and what is the best contribution to you and your life for this moment.

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Intense enjoyment is a state of Being

What it takes to enjoy more is different for everyone. Intense enjoyment is a state of Being that is almost impossible to describe with words. In moments of intense enjoyment, you shine from within.

A person often does not need matter to get into this state of Being and to stay there more and more often. This is because matter directs you outward.

Intense enjoyment is about intrinsic processes in which you can experience so much joy, love, surrender, gratitude, and inner peace that you don't need matter to realize this state of Being in more moments.

How do you experience freedom?

I still find it remarkable to hear people talk about freedom. When I look people in the eye, I can receive new information such as, " You have electricity, but it's free. "However, when I look into your eyes, you don't radiate the light of freedom. I don't feel the vibration of inner freedom.

"By saying Yes to the Now, you finally become who you ARE."   -   CB

Eyes are honest

If your eyes are filled with emptiness, you have pain in your mind and body. Nothing you have or want to realize in material things will solve this pain.

The question is, do you really want to Be happy? In any case, you don't radiate this. You look good. You can do anything, but I still see an empty shell.

Poverty in a rich world

Poverty in a rich world is about don't experiencing wealth on all levels. For many people, both rich and poor, money is an obstacle to feeling rich on all levels. Limiting thoughts and beliefs keep gnawing at you, while your bank account and cryptos may indicate an abundance of assets.

What would it be like if you could turn poverty into wealth in all areas? I'm not talking about assets in money, crypto, stocks, or things like that. The most important ability we can realize is manifesting wealth within ourselves, where you start to shine from the inside out.

"Say YES to the only reality there IS, and that is the NOW."   -   CB

Example of Blasting from Within

An excellent example of shining from the inside out is the following. In November 2021, we were present with YesPower at the Masters Expo in the RAI in Amsterdam. We also showcased some of our Yes Symbol Products, including the most powerful jewelry in the world – SI Simbolo.

After three days, the neighbor of the stand next to us came to me. He looked at me intensely and said to me. How do you do that? I've seen you shine intensely these days now, and it goes on and on and on. I don't understand how you do that, and I want this too.

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Life is all about

For me, life is all about intense enjoyment.

I have always been able to enjoy the small and big things in my life intensely. I have seen time and time again in everyone, including myself, that being able to enjoy intensely is about intrinsic processes. That matter is only a contribution to the inner profound process.

Examples of my enjoyment are:

  • Enjoy a walk where I often see deer on special days, and they sometimes come to me.
  • I am pushed up in the same place in the forest every time, and I don't have to pedal on my bike.
  • The same place in the forest, and every time I was there, I heard I had to do something with the YesPower logo, the Yes Symbol, from which the Yes Symbol Products - the most potent symbol in the world and the SI Simbolo jewels - the most powerful jewelry in the world were created. And still, whenever I come to this place, all kinds of energetic things are handed to me again.
  • The miraculous moments that I, as a human being, can hardly comprehend anywhere in the world. It is like two butterflies approaching me whenever I read a book for hours.
  • While I dance from surrender, I completely resonate with the music.
  • I move with the wind during windsurfing and completely surrender to the elements.
  • I also intensely enjoy the high degree of purity of children.
  • Enjoy food and drinks.
  • Rest
  • Love connections with myself and others.
  • Etcetera

The glow on your face from shining from the inside out is not something you get from a jar of cream, Botox, a nice outfit, your latest Porsche, or your Rolex. This blasting is about awareness and enjoying what is. 

Come home to Yourself

Coming home to yourself is a process. Only you can choose to enter into it and (continue to) take it seriously or not.

  • Observe what is happening inside you.
  • Focus on the now so that the phonograph record in your head comes to a halt.
  • Whatever someone tells you to do, keep testing whether it is the most significant contribution to you and your system to do or not do something.
  • Your body is always honest. Take your body seriously.

Do what suits you best

Do what suits you to achieve your goals. For example, although many people love to meditate, I am not a fan of meditating. How many times in my life have people told me to meditate... Unbelievable!!

Still, whenever it keeps coming in, other things suit me better, such as dancing, moving from complete surrender, and being in nature. These are my things 😉

If someone recommends something to you and is not fully able to tune in from a pure position to what makes the greatest contribution for you, then you may be given impure information. So keep checking whether something is right for you!

"By saying Yes to what is Now, your inner candle of joy will burn again!"   -   CB

Stop with your addictions

Stop with your addictions! Stop judging yourself. Roll up your sleeves and go for a life with more ease, fun and love without addictions!

You are the most important thing! Start developing yourself to have more fun again. Start to focus on what you want to realize in your life.

Let's face it... no addiction or somebody else can make you happy! As long as you are addicted, your addiction always occupies the most important position in your mind. You can never be satisfied on all levels.

The kind of addiction is not the most important thing; you are! Or it is alcohol, pills, energy drinks, coffee, cigarette, sex, porno, buying, or drug addiction. Whatever it is to satisfy yourself extrinsically, that only works for a short time and doesn't make you happy.

"Only through intrinsic satisfaction can you provide for your own needs."   -   CB

Extrinsic gratification is only a short-term gratification. You want your needs to be satisfied even more over and over again.

However, you are fooling yourself if you continue with what you are doing and if you continue to provide for your needs extrinsically.

Of course, you know this yourself. Yet it takes courage to break this pattern.
Can you go on like this because of your business operations, your relationship with yourself and others, your physical condition, and other factors that suffer from your behavior?

Choose intrinsic gratification and experience what this means for you.

Living in the NOW

No matter what level you function at, we are all human. To live and work comfortably and not lose yourself in all kinds of addictions and unwanted dependencies helps to live and work in the Now.
Say yes to what is now and have fun in your life.

So take your chance, start now, and develop your skills to say YES to what is now.

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Carla Broekhuizen
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