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General information

YesPower is part of YesPower Personal Growth B.V. - Passion for YesPowerment. Other Awareness Development Organization brands are YesPower Business - Business Medium and SI Simbolo - Most Powerful Jewelry in the World. 

YesPowerment Organization 

The organization YesPower Personal Growth B.V. is a yespowerment organization.

Yespowering means that we contribute to people and organizations to reach their full potential. In other words, we guide individuals, groups, organizations, and buildings to empower them. 

Everything is Energy 

Everything is Energy. Words, what you think and feel, how you walk and sleep, love, money, matter, sounds, smells, colors- in other words, everything is energy.

When you purchase a product or a service from YesPower, you take an energetic step forward, and energy is set in motion to shape your growth process. If we simultaneously apply an active return or cancellation policy from YesPower, the vibration will not accelerate as intended. In addition, you break the commitment with yourself. At that moment, you are causing a stagnation in a forward energy flow that has just been set in motion to break through. That is why we have a policy that if you purchase a Yes Symbol product, event, or an awareness development process at YesPower Personal Growth B.V., positive and constructive energy will be set in motion so that no refund is possible.

The moment you empower yourself, you decide to contribute to yourself. As a result, you automatically make a greater contribution to yourself, the people around you, and the world.


Contribution of the Yes Symbol

The Yes Symbol empowers you in your life energy through energy and vibration. When you purchase a Yes Symbol Product, you take steps forward in growth.

If you could return Yes Symbol products and/or YesPower services, we would be inverting the energetic process set in motion. This is not a contribution to yourself and the highest good. As a result, we do not work with refunds of our products and services.

What is the most significant contribution?

 Choose what makes an immense contribution to you and your system.

Trust what makes the most significant contribution to you! If you think, know, or feel that you want to live your life more easily and joyfully, choose Yespoweren and Yes Symbol Products in your life.

Everything at the right time

Forcing works for nothing and no one. It is generally about extrinsic short-term actions that do not originate from inner freedom and flow but are directed from the ego.

The moment you live and work from inner strength and surrender, you ask questions that give you new information. From the new position, you can choose from new possibilities, and forcing is generally unnecessary.

Even though you want things to go faster than now, time does not exist, and you cannot force it. Step into your surrender and trust that the right thing is happening at the right time.

If you feel it's right, trust it and choose what you want.

Test the Yes Symbol

If you want to test the Yes Symbol, this can be a contribution:

  • Enlarge the YesPower logo on your screen.
  • Look into the golden sun and experience what's happening inside you and your system. 
  • Even if you don't experience anything, something is happening, but you cannot (yet) perceive what is occurring.
  • If you think it's a contribution to purchase a Yes Symbol Product, do it! Because if you perceive something and know that the Yes Symbol will contribute to your life, choose the product that makes you most happy. When it feels light, go for it 100%. Buy the Yes Symbol products or sign up for guidance on YesPower Business. If you don't want to order anything or if you're suspicious, don't do it. All is well, whatever you do.

If you have any questions, please contact or email us at or call 0851300067. We'd love to hear from you.

Energetic greetings,
The YesPower Team

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