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Life can be complicated when you have a high position and significant responsibilities, while you don't feel understood. Know there is someone who has the qualities to walk with you in your business and personal development.

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“Enjoy is an Art of living.

Fine Arts, you can learn at this point, to enjoy forever.”

Carla Broekhuizen


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“The moment you dare to release, the heaven opens, your stars will appear, and they will give you the insights you need whereby your stars will shine.”

Carla Broekhuizen

All right without judgment

From the bottom of who I am, I can pronounce. Even though I sometimes shame myself on something, I can always express myself to you. You can always receive it.

I have always longed to be understood, and with you, I feel understood.

I don't know this. That you receive it and that it is understood. Plus, it's all right without judgment.

You understand me.
You're touching me.
You can receive.
It feels very, very similar.
I don't feel a difference.

Businessman 2020

Told clearly

What I wanted to know was told clearly. I'm happy with #TRUSThour, thank you. - Man, March 2020

Very good

Very good - Man, March 2020 

Beautiful words and clarity

Thank you for your beautiful words and clarity. Super, thank you. You're an angel! - Woman, March 2020

You stimulate unknown seeds in me.

I have experienced #TRUSThour twice, and both times I have experienced that as very enjoyable. You puncture some, and it reveals itself in me. I can go through your energetically encompassing wise words. With your humor, you stimulate unknown seeds in me, and they will flourish at my pace. You give handles, which are easily manageable and understandable to everyone. After an hour of guidance in YES Power, I have been reached with positive thoughts and powers! With my YES Power experience, I can go my way! Keep it up, Carla! - Woman, April 2020 


Topper, gives confidence and useful advice. - Man, March 2020

The heart in the right place!

Dear Dear Carla, I promised you I'd leave you a message for you, and I'm really doing this with a lot of love. You are a particularly empathetic medium, with the heart in the right place! I would like to thank you for the very pleasant #TRUSThour! - Woman, March 2020

#recommendation YesPower #businessmedium clear-sightedness


So sincere and so transparent, thanks! - Man, March 2020

You have something special in your possession! 

I want to share my positive experience with you because it will make you happy.

Your sign does something extraordinary and healing!
I suddenly had pain in my neck after the walk, very nasty pain. I think sadness but also someone who was in my energy. I put the picture on my back, and the pain slowly pulled away. I can still feel the healing on my neck.
You have something special in your possession! Heavenly property!
Enjoy your specialness! - Woman, April 2020

Really good handles

Carla is excellent, she gets a lot of insights and she gives you perfect handles. Thanks! - Woman, March 2020

I've been sleeping poorly for days

Before the call, I felt like I was stuck. I've been sleeping poorly for days. My body was tired. I felt like my life was standing still. My head said, come on, jump ahead, but my body yelled no. During the conversation, I realized that I wasn't right to myself. That - despite all the signs - I didn't take myself seriously.
Businesswoman 33, February 2020

Thank you for the insights

Thank you for the insights you offered each time by you.
Businesswoman, February 2020

You deserve confidence

You have to earn trust first, and you have deserved it.
You have something peaceful about you.
Chief executive officer man 62 years, January 2020


Woman 59, January 2020

#recommendation more valuable than gold

You give me peace

You give me peace every time.
Businesswoman, January 2020

You are healing with the vibration of your sound

What wonderful, loving words. Quiet and moved. What is this love. Carla... so valuable. Words shoot past everything. This is the language of heart and belly: power, light, love, what a joy. And I'll keep your messages so that I can listen to your words again. You are healing with the vibration of your sound. - Maria 56 years, October 2019

Everything is right what you say

You're so good! Everything is right what you say. That gives me a lot of confidence about what you tell me how it will go in the future. - Businessman, February 2018

Complete confidence

What you said to me about my son's picture in your hands was so accurate. That gave me complete confidence in you. So you could work with my son.
Mother younger, January 2018

Thanks for all the beautiful and wise words!

You were very respectful, and you came to the core very well

It was beautiful to mirror you. You've helped me tremendously, enabling me to make great strides on my life path. You were very respectful, and you came to the core very well.
Businesswoman, January 2018

Alternately guided to my strength

I'm 25 years old now, and I was looking for myself. I'm used to requesting that almost anything was possible. The result was that I lost myself: the drink, fast cars, beautiful women, and other challenges I found too challenging. YesPower has alternately guided me with a soft and a slightly firmer hand, to my strength. I've learned that I only get happy when I take responsibility for my actions. Because of this, I am now ready to take my responsibilities within our family business. - Businessperson, 25 years

Brainstorm at all levels

YesPower allows you to brainstorm at all levels. Whether it's private or business, you can't call it that crazy or get detailed feedback that cuts wood.

#recommendation #businessmedium YesPower Businessmedium to the core

She dares to stick to her point of view, which turns out to be correct

Although many advisers gave the opposite advice, Carla is setting her fixed course. She dares to stick to her point of view, which turns out to be correct. I like that, and I appreciate it.

I received a fitting reply—nicely explained and correct

When asked about a photo, whether it was constructive to work with a partner or not, I received a fitting reply—nicely explained and correct.

I received very detailed input that gave me a lot of benefits

When I asked if it was advisable whether I would invest in a particular international project, I received very detailed input in the field of investment, materials, and creativity that gave me a lot of benefits.

Still, I'm glad she gave her feedback so honestly and sincerely

I didn't always get to hear what I wanted to hear about my personal life. Still, I'm glad she gave her feedback so honestly and sincerely. This brought me closer to myself. This gives me a lot of benefits in terms of both private and work.

It feels so safe to talk to you

You're so pure, free, and it feels so safe to talk to you that I finally talked about my sexual abuse. You just poked through it through my big stories. Even though it was sometimes spicy, it gives me space and growth because I've finally been able to share it.

More appropriate interpretation in my company than expected

I have three children, I would like to work in my company. With the help of YesPower, they have obtained a completely different and more appropriate interpretation in my company than expected.

Due to our customers' privacy, our listed references are mainly anonymous, and we provide other references on request.