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When energy starts flowing, other doors will open.”

Carla Broekhuizen

Time is Money

You have to solve some issues now like:

  • Business Mediation
  • What to do with a project, investment or investor
  • Business or Personal Transformation process
  • Stress
  • Health
  • Or something else


You want to know NOW what to do. You can't spend time anymore. It would be best if you had someone who looks razor-sharp through your business case NOW. You don't have time to share the whole story any more.


You need answers... quickly & effectively, and you prefer to cooperate for just a short period.

Stop hesitating! Try out what our cooperation can mean for you and your business.

How it works

It's pretty simple how it works. The most important thing is you want to know something. You ask your question and the Universe will give me answers which I share with you.

Quick & Effective

The prevailing dying results are surprising and exorbitant. Of this also applies to you, depends on what you bring in plus your abilities and qualities.

Possibilities Quick & Effective


The call works very effectively. During your meeting, you can contribute all business or personal cases that you want to investigate or transform.

If you tell me a little bit or show me a picture of something, I will get the energy into my system, and the flow will arise. Maybe, you have to experience how simple and effective it works.

A few examples what you can bring in during your call

  • The debate with the Supervisory Board or (City) Council came to a standstill, and you have to go on, but you don't know how anymore.
  • Is the man or woman you want to hire the best contribution to your business case now?
  • Do you have to invest in a project, yes or no?
  • Why does a particular business part from your big company doesn't make a profit while you like that part a lot and the competitors do? You won't close this part, but you want to investigate how to solve the issue.
  • Or anything else that you want to work out. 
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Transformation Online 

Working things out online also works very quickly & effectively. If you want to transform something small for just an hour, we work with mail. You can deliver text or pictures of your subject, and you will get your answer online. Of course, the spent time to look at your information and to work out will combined.

Online in your environment

If you want to transform more or which costs more time, you will get your environment with two steps authentication to bring in your business cases.

Calls and Online next to each other

Of course, it's possible to work with calls and online next to each other when you want to deliver your materials online.

The advantage of your environment is you can work on different business cases next to each other, and the communication of the current situation will be clear.

Quick & Effective Transformation 

1 hour € 2500 

9 hours € 19000

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Transformation on Location

The world is changed. We know this all together. Nevertheless, it also appears to make a significant contribution to work on location from a professional point of view.

If you prefer to work with Carla Broekhuizen on location, we have to look at the possibilities. It will depend on the circumstances world wide and the combination of other contracts.

Transformation Products

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