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Sleep Sensation 11


Sleep Sensation 11

Sleep Sensation for Children

Sleep Sensation 11 is primarily for children from 6 – 11 years old. Of course, you can use Sleep Sensation 11, which is also helpful if your child grows up.


Children recover while they sleep

The best way to Yespower yourself is also the easiest way to grow your consciousness in the world! This way of Transformation is new. You only have to lay Sleep Sensation on your bed under your bedlinen and sleep on it. You will Transform while you sleep.

Sleep Sensation for Children

The vibration of the Universe is solid and beautiful. This vibration will regulate the power of the Yes Symbol on your Sleep Sensation to make it the best contribution for you and your children. 


Sizes Sleep Sensation

Choosing a smaller size for your children is also possible. The size we recommend are:

Why use a Sleep Sensation?

  • To develop yourself
  • Stimulate self-supporting
  • Small investment
  • Powerful
  • Stimulates life force
  • A contribution to everyone
  • A gift to the world
  • To transform all kinds of pains and inconveniences

Sleep Sensation for your family

The value of a Sleep Sensation for your family, yourself, and your partner is endless. Everyone is different and needs something else. What’s the best contribution for you today can be different than tomorrow. 

The Sleep Sensation will generate and recharge the energy, which is the best contribution for every moment. Either, the Universe will help you to recharge with ease.

Medical advise

We advise you to seek medical support from a doctor when you want to know more about your and your child’s problems. 

When you want to use a Sleep Sensation for yourself or your child besides the advice from your doctor, you can use a Sleep Sensation when your child:

  • Cries a lot
  • Doesn’t want to eat well
  • Doesn’t want to drink
  • Doesn’t want to go to school
  • Doesn’t want to sleep
  • Doesn’t want to talk
  • Stress from school
  • Screams a lot
  • Isn’t very social
  • Is very sensitive
  • Has a lot of pain, physical or mental

Please get in touch with us for more personal information if you want to know more specifically about your child. Act how you feel comfortable is essential because your child will always react to your behavior and emotions. 


What can a Sleep Sensation do?

The vibration of the Sleep Sensation is beautiful. What it can do for you or your relatives is powerful and new. Your investment is low; the only thing needed is to lay the Sleep Sensation on your bed under your bedlinen and sleep.

Positive possibilities Sleep Sensation

  • More rest
  • Less pain
  • Increase resistance
  • Less stress
  • Sleep better
  • Less fear
  • Better closure for incentives

Sensitive adults

If you are a sensitive adult and think Sleep Sensation 22 is too big, choose Sleep Sensation 11. The Universe will still easily empower you how it should be.

Bovis value

In October 2020, an expert told the stakeholders from YesPower that you couldn’t measure the YesPower Transformation Symbol in life energy because the energy was too big. According to the Bovis value, the vibration of the YesPower Transformation Symbol is infinite.


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