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Healing Session with Yes Symbol Energy

” Carla gave me an energetic treatment, which made a strong impression on me. As if you elevate Reiki to a higher power.” – Elsbeth Weterings Gaaikema


Purpose of Healing

The purpose of healing is to recover. A healing session with Yes Symbol Energy aims to bring your energy into balance. Benefits include cleaning up and removing blockages.


Emotional peace

Everything is energy, and everything is connected. An energetic treatment can clear your body and mind and remove blockages. We work with ancient shamanic techniques in combination with the new powerful Yes Symbol energy, where toxic energy will be removed from your aura, body, and mind.


This can help you with feelings of fear, pain, physical complaints, blockades, emotional turmoil, and not being able to feel boundaries properly.


During Healing with Yes Symbol

During a session, you sink into your body, experience, and feel the space that arises. The treatment is safe, ceremonial, and focused on your process.


“The power of Yes Symbol Energy is Impressive.” – CB


After Healing with Yes Symbol

What you experience and feel after your Healing session with Yes Symbol energy differs:

  • Earthing
  • No or less pain
  • More space
  • Lightness
  • Rest
  • Brightness
  • And sometimes you don’t feel anything (yet).

Healing sessions with Yes Symbol energy go beyond words. Integration takes time, and a clear after-feeling is not always necessary. The invitation is to ‘be’ and not let your head make too much of it.


When Healing with Yes Symbol energy

A healing session with Yes Symbol energy can be done once or regularly to maintain balance restoration in your body and mind.


Duration Healing with Yes Symbol energy

A healing session with Yes Symbol Energy can last one hour, according to needs. You can generate more time by approving the desired hours at the plus.


Combination Healing Session

It is possible to combine the Healing session with a YesPowerment Silence Session, Yes Symbol Stickers, Sleep Sensation, YesPower Notebook, and so on.


We are delighted to introduce you to beautiful, powerful, and profound YesPower energy. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us. We are happy to assist you.

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About YesPower

Review SI Simbolo Riemer Bouma
Highly recommended!

From the moment I put the amulet on, I felt it on my chest.

I also feel that I was being helped to base that my body’s energy was calming down. No doubt it works! Highly recommended!

Riemer Bouma

YesPower Review Kim Buining
So accurate

Carla can observe things you hadn't even noticed.

Never before have I met someone so accurate and also shared it without fuss or vague words. She is the Queen among the business mediums. 

If you can get her necklace: do it! You'll be eternally grateful!

Kim Buining

YesPower Recommendation Michael Panhuysen
Totally safe

What struck me right away was her gift to make me feel at ease and totally safe to share what was on my heart.

I felt no judgment on her part, whatever I shared.

Michael Panhuysen


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