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5 Yes Symbol Stickers white


5 Yes Symbol Stickers white

What are Yes Symbol Stickers?

Yes Symbol Stickers are stickers of the Yes Symbol. The Yes Symbol is the most potent symbol in the world. It is a powerful, energetic healer. The Symbol sticker has the quality to make the most outstanding contribution to you and your system every time.

10 White Yes Symbol Stickers

The white stickers of the Yes Symbol have a white background, and the Symbol is gold-colored.


Why Yes Symbol Stickers?

Yes Symbol Stickers empower your life energy. Whether you are big or small, as a human being, you all need a helping hand from time to time to stay close to yourself and to stand firmly in your shoes.

The beauty of the Yes Symbol is that it has the qualities to deliver the exact amount of energy that is the most significant contribution to you and your system, as long as you handle it purely.


Where can you Sticking the Yes Symbol Stickers?

You stick the Yes Symbol Stickers on things and places where it contributes to you, your children, your team, and your system. You may have a partner or parent who is in a lot of pain and sits in the same chair a lot at home. Put a sticker under the seat and see what happens.

You only have to stick the Yes Symbol Sticker where you want it. The Yes Symbol Sticker does what is the most outstanding possible contribution for that moment.

Examples where you can apply Yes Symbol Stickers:

  • Under tables
  • Under Chairs
  • Telephone
  • Places where children feel unsafe
  • Buildings
  • Workplace
  • Exterior door
  • Window
  • Etcetera


Yes Symbol Stickers for Water

A large part of your body is water. Drinking water is essential if you want to live a healthy life and get rid of your waste correctly.

Putting Yes Symbol Stickers on your glass carafe and water bottles will change the vibration of your water. As a result, you YesPower yourself with every sip of water you drink.


Yes Symbol Sticker on phone

Everyone knows that the radiation generated by your phone is not very healthy. Protect yourself, your teams, and your family members. Stick a transparent transformation sticker of the Yes Symbol on your phone to protect yourself and others from the rays. Try it out and experience what the Yes Symbol Stickers can do.


Added value for entrepreneurs

Small investment with significant results. Working with Transparency Yes Symbol Stickers is a win-win for everyone.

The return on investment of Yes Symbol Stickers for entrepreneurs, teams, schools, nurseries, and so on is considerable. All you have to do is apply Yes Symbol stickers that work without being visible to everyone.


Added Business Value Yes Symbol Stickers

Your employees are your working capital. When they are motivated and positive, they earn more money for your organization.

By using Yes Symbol Stickers, you activate:

  • Motivation
  • Peace of mind
  • Increased productivity
  • Better utilization of potential
  • Focus
  • Lower investment for costly training and courses
  • Less pain
  • Less stress
  • Less burn-outs
  • Better motivation
  • Better relationships


Children and the Yes Symbol

Kids love the Yes Symbol in all shapes and sizes. They want to touch it every time, and it makes them happy and calm.

If you have or work with children, the Yes Symbol gives them, for example, peace of mind or less fear. Stick the Yes Symbol Stickers in places where the children often are (invisibly is also possible).

Do you work with children? For example, stick a Yes Symbol Stickers on a window, under chairs, under the table, and on beds to achieve more peace and joy in the group.


The Wisdom of the Universe

The wisdom of the Universe is almighty, and the vibration of the Transparent Yes Symbol Stickers will make the best contribution in all circumstances. You can also opt for regular Yes Symbol Stickers.


Bovis value

In October 2020, an expert said the vibration of the Yes Symbol is infinite.



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