November 5

Possibilities and Solutions


"The people who touch you the most are your greatest teachers."   -   CB

Standing in your power

YesPower focuses on possibilities and solutions. Empowered people can only fully utilize their potential.
Keeping your system clean is a prerequisite if you want to stand in your power and live and work from this powerful position.

If you don't clean yourself and your system, you are overwhelmed by external stimuli. At the same time, life will invite you to learn from your experiences every time.

Staying true to yourself

Staying close to yourself is essential because otherwise, you will be flooded with energies that are not contributing to you and your system. 

If you are not careful, these energies will cause you to become physically and mentally unbalanced, giving illness free rein.

Learning from your experiences

The best teacher is you. What I mean by that is that all solutions are within yourself.

To uncover the treasure trove of information within you, you must live even more from the question that allows solutions and possibilities to reveal themselves.

Following your messages

What's important is that you tune in to the answers you get to your questions every time. Develop your awareness in this area to discover what the most significant contribution is for you.
Whoever or whatever someone, whoever it is, says, choose what makes sense for you. Let it be his or her problem what the other person thinks about it.

You can use and live your inner power only when you function from your core. When you live this power, you make the most significant contribution to yourself, to the people who love you (even though they may not experience it that way at the moment), and to the highest good.

Cleansing Yourself

What you can do to keep your system clear and constructive for yourself is to use the Boomerang method. 

Boomerang method

The boomerang method keeps your system clean and rids you of all the energy that does not contribute to you and your system.

The Boomerang method is a combination of three things:

  • Putting yourself and your system in white light.
  • Return the energy to the sender.
  • The power of the Yes Symbol.

Exclusive business & personal guidance




To grow, you need input. Grow in your development and be inspired by Business Medium Carla Broekhuizen, who lives and works from dedication and gratitude.

At YesPower Business, you learn to live and work from what you want.

Learn playfully and profoundly how to live and work in abundance on all levels with more ease and joy from surrender.

Authentic living

We are given all kinds of things in our lives. Yet I rarely see family systems that sufficiently stimulate the authenticity of children, young people, and partners. Fear for one's own position often plays a role in this.

Fear or insufficient capacity is a missed opportunity

The moment children, young people, and partners feel supported and can stay very close to themselves, they grow up to be powerful adults. Adults with a range of contribute to everything and everyone.
Fully conscious living is unattainable for most people. As a human being, it is your job to investigate things on your life path.

For this, you need ups and downs so that you can continue to develop yourself.
Whoever pretends to have full consciousness of everything has no task to fulfill on the earthly level and will start functioning from the other side.

Staying true to yourself

As a human being, you are part of different subcultures every day. To stay close to yourself within the group dynamic processes within these subcultures, you need to develop your awareness.

There are various ways to work on your consciousness. Your biggest contribution may vary from moment to moment. Every 10 seconds, there is a new moment of choice. Ask questions such as, 'What is the biggest contribution for me right now?'

"You will find peace and space within yourself. Everything else is secondary."   -   CB

Even if you are doing a training course, for example. The moment you are in a transformation process and notice that when asking the right questions, it comes up that you need to follow a different path, take care of yourself and dare to choose the greatest contribution to you and your system.

Trust the possibilities. Generate your opportunities from flow and follow what presents itself.

If you are convinced that you want to achieve a goal and that your path is set for it, do yourself a favor.
Let go of all beliefs. Ask yourself questions such as, for example:

  • What is the greatest contribution for me and my system at this moment?
  • Trust your answers. 
  • Step into your surrender.
  • Follow your answers.
  • Have a lot of Fun ;-)))

Consciousness development

To develop your consciousness, you need to take yourself seriously.

In many subcultures, selfishness quickly comes up if you take yourself seriously. Nevertheless, examining what this says about the other person when someone uses words such as selfishness towards you may be interesting.

Possibilities or limitations

You can focus your energy on one thing at a time.

In addition, you have a moment of choice every 10 seconds to focus your attention and energy on something else.

It's up to you what you focus on. You are the magnet in your life. What you focus on is what you attract. So you are in control to put on what makes you happy.

Difference Between Tricks and Authenticity

There is a substantial difference between living authentically and out of tricks and techniques. 

With authentic people, the difference is perceptible on an energetic level. If you live and work purely and authentically, you radiate wisdom and inner peace, your eyes shine, you have the quality of intense enjoyment, and your inner strength is perceptible without you having to do anything.

People-to-people relations

There are people who give you energy and who drain you of strength and energy. These people often touch you on a profound level and are your most outstanding teachers. 

The intention is that you, as a human being, do something with this to continue with what you want to achieve in your life.

If you notice someone costing you energy, you should investigate what makes this works this way for you.

Is it a contribution to redirect something so that this person gives you energy? What matters is that you are going to ask questions here as well. Plus, you tune in to what's suitable for you.

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Energetic regards,
Carla Broekhuizen
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