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SI Simbolo Exclusive Jewelry Brand

SI Simbolo is an exclusive jewelry brand that offers custom-made potent jewelry for haute couture, weddings and common.

The jewelry is custom made by high-end goldsmiths and diamantaires who use only the finest materials to create the best possible top-of-the-bill quality level. SI Simbolo is the most potent jewelry in the world, designed to connect the life force of the earth and the universe. 

Gold and Silver Line

Our jewelry is divided into a Gold and Silver Line, and each piece can be customized based on individual wishes, including pendants, rings, earrings, and items for personal couture, and even dog collars. 

From idea to realization 

The idea of the SI Simbolo jewelry originated with Carla Broekhuizen in 2020, inspired by the YesPower logo, which is one of the Yespowerment organizations of Carla.

SI Simbolo Necklace 18 carat White Gold Luxury Transformation Jewellery

a unique feeling and beautiful to experience.

In life, it's straightforward. Whether you believe there is more between heaven and earth or not. In the meantime, I have experienced that there is more.

Si Simbolo is an excellent example of this. You choose one based on your gut feeling and take it in your hand. What happens then is up to you.

I couldn't let go of him and was emotionally touched. It is a unique feeling and beautiful to experience.

Roland hogenelst - la cubanita

SI Simbolo Vita Silver Yellow Gold


The pendant connects the earth's life force and the universe's life energy. Both come together in the pendant and activate the heart energy of the wearer.

Jaap Rodenburg – International businessman

Beauty and power

Wearing SI Simbolo jewelry is a unique and emotional experience that activates the heart energy of the wearer. Our brand beautifully and powerfully depicts the "Flow of Life Energy" through its form, beauty, and name, and is part of the Yes Symbol product line.

Choose SI Simbolo based on your gut feeling, take it in your hand and experience its beauty and power.

Say Yes with SI Simbolo

Say Yes and wear the Yes Symbol Jewelry - SI Simbolo, exclusive custom potent jewelry - handled in your haute couture, around your neck, in your hair, together with a SI Simbolo ring, bracelet, and chain on your wedding day.

Contact information SI Simbolo

If you prefer to create your SI Simbolo in a  size, with different gem stones, precious metal or size, please contact SI Simbolo customer service.