October 27

Grow with more ease


Easily Transformation

To Be Awareness

"To Transform with more ease is possible now! The only thing you have to do is to choose this way of transformation!"   -   CB

Slowing down has been an exceptional contribution to my life. When I lived in Amerongen in the Netherlands, I liked the wood.

The energy was tremendous, and I was always energized when I had been into the wood.
I liked to walk, run or cross a lap on my mountain bike, and I loved that! Movement gave me energy.

On special days, I often saw deers, and those deer often stand for quite a while when I walk in their direction or near them.

YesPower Notebook with 2 golden SI Simbolos

The call of the Universe

In the first quarter of 2020 pulled the Universe every time I walked in the wood of Zuylenstein in Leersum by my curls. It was during the same time Corona existed in the Netherlands, and this is interesting also.

The Universe told me I had to do something with the YesPower Symbol (the Symbol of the YesPower logo that I used from the start of YesPower. However, I've got plenty to do at that time. So I was not as quick as usual to react to the message of the Universe.

The beauty of the Universe is that if I was in the woods, the call came back. Usually, I listen quickly to the signs. Earlier I wasn't listening because I had to do so much. I thought I had no spare time and space in my mind to focus on the YesPower Symbol also. First, I thought... the thinking thing... I thought... what do I have to do with the sun of the logo? It's only a beautiful logo. It's just a flat picture. What was the point? I suddenly had to do something with the YesPower Logo?

Every time the same message

Because the Universe presented every time the same message to me, I focussed on the YesPower logo, and the message was clear immediately!! The YesPower logo wasn't a flat picture anymore. The Symbol was loaded and possessed tremendous healing Power. Tears flowed down my cheeks. It was impressive. It was gorgeous, and I was very grateful I listened to the message.

I didn't know what I had to do at that moment. The only thing I knew was I had to be aware and follow what was coming in. I had to ask questions and focus on what it would take to generate the infinite magical possibilities that contributed to this beautiful entity. I had to serve the logo for that moment to do her job in the world. 

SI Simbolo Chain Pendant Gold Diamonds

YesPower Transformation Symbol

The name 'YesPower Transformation Symbol' was born immediately, and the powerful vibration and the light showed me this was the correct name.

The healing Power of the YesPower Transformation Symbol came through the combination of my processes and because I constant advances, with confidence, followed by the Universe and the Power of the Universe.

Follow the energy of what IS

I Followed the flow, and I allowed testing the YesPower Symbol by other people to verify what the YesPower Symbol might mean to others. Given people's reactions to the Symbol, all kinds of YesPower Transformation Products like Transformation Stickers, Transformation Necklace, and Sleep Sensation were coming on the international market. It was beautiful!!

Transformation Pendant SI Simbolo

I had never developed jewelry of gold and diamonds before. The jewelry design was no problem with the help of the top goldsmiths, and the Pendants became beautiful. The process of creating the beautiful SI Simbolo's was an exciting process.

SI Simbolo Chain Pendant Silver

Transformation Art

In September 2020, it also emerged that a painting I made in 2002 was very transformative for people with advanced consciousness. I've only made three paintings in my entire life.
In 2002, I did this during my growth process when I was trained as a Spiritual Therapist.

In 2011, during a goddess retreat, people also made clear that they liked my work. However, I was surprised that suddenly, after 18 years, things came together like this. It felt like a great gift. Someone said, for example, 'Your Painting could be a Selfic Painting that Falco Tarassaco of Damanhur also made.'

Time to make a blog

It seemed to be the time to stick my head above ground level. If you want a contribution or you are looking for a speaker about living and working from surrendere and YesPowerment anywhere in the world, we like it to hear from you.

YesPower Transformation Products

Due to the contamination problems, the production process of the Transformation Products was interesting.

YesPower Transformation Sleep Sensation

Sleep Sensation

The first produced YesPower Transformation Products were the Sleep Sensations. They are beautiful. They will neutralize your imbalance while you sleep.

YesPower Transformation Stickers

During the production process, I thought the Transformation Stickers would be our first YesPower Transformation Product. Unfortunately, the first stickers were not the right color and were not the right shape and color. It was an exciting quest to find the right producer. In February 2021, we got the first suitable Transformation Stickers. There are Transformations Stickers in white and Transparency. 

Where can you paste Transformation Stickers?

  • carafe, glass, plexiglass, anywhere
  • bottom deck, bottom chair, workplace, telephone, computer,…

For what or who can you use the Transformation Stickers?

  • Teams motivation
  • Private

What will be the contribution of Transformation Stickers?

Depending on what is the most significant contribution to your system, the Universe can support you in:

  • More rest
  • Better sleep
  • Better blood flow
  • More focus
  • Addictions
  • Better listening to each other
  • More in the mood for healthy food...

Examples where you can stick a sticker

  • Bottom chairs, table, desk, door, agenda, telephone,...
  • If you work with sensitive children, use the stickers to protect your energy system and theirs. Choose the stickers that come into your mind and trust it will be an immense contribution to yourself, your team, and anyone you want to use them for.
purify your water with Yes Symbol Stickers

Transparency Transformation Stickers

You can the YesPower Transparency Transformation Stickers use for in-and outside. They are round and 53 mm intersection, and for example, to use for:

  • water - paste the sticker under the glass of your carafe
  • windows
  • telephones
  • plexiglass
  • front- and backdoor
  • study
  • tv
  • Team Transformation Stickers

10 Transformation Stickers

10 Transformation Stickers – round 53 mm intersection, for example, to use for: 

  • places, where it's alright the Transformation Stickers are white
  • teams - for motivation, telephones, personal care, board rooms, and so on
  • children - classes on schools - under chairs, tables, computers
  • daycare
  • at home
  • groups of highly sensitive children

Transform from convenience

The new way of Transformation is transforming with ease. You no longer have to feel you have to work very hard to change yourself.

What if working hard is ancient Energy? What if it's now intended there is a Symbol that can support you with the Wisdom of the Universe, so your process is the most generous contribution to you, everything, and everyone? Whereby, you can transform with more ease, fun from gratitude.

Group dynamic processes

Of course, it is nice to participate in group processes. You come across everything from yourself and others, and the reflective effect can be an excellent contribution to your system.

Group meetings under pressure

Unfortunately, participating in group meetings was during the corona period under pressure. Some organized group meetings were still going on, but most of the processes stopped now.

And the support for understanding among advocates and opponents decreases. While no one benefits from the hardening of the debate, hardening rather than listening to what everyone wants and can share their perspective.

Yes Symbol Sticker White

Transform into quarantine

Recovering while you have no mirrors from other people is difficult for a lot of people. The remarkable thing is that the Symbol indicates that it guides you in your transformation process without giving words or the must to share your process with other people.

Without words, the Universe will assist you IN your Transformation process. If you're in quarantine or choose to have less or no physical contact with people and you would like to get acquainted with what the YesPower Transformation Symbol can do for you. If you want to, order some stickers, a Transformation Necklace, or Sleep Sensation, and be surprised by what the Transformation Symbol can mean for you.

Medical advice and guarantees

I am not a doctor. For medical advice, I would recommend you to consult a doctor.

I can't and won't give you any guarantees either. If you choose to purchase a YesPower Transformation Product, you go into a new level of Transformation.

Your purchase is your free choice where you choose to go to trial or not. At the same time, I can't and won't give you any guarantees. If you decide to purchase a YesPower Transformation Product, you move to a new level of Transformation. Your purchase is your free choice, and if you choose to buy a YesPower Transformation Product, you will contribute to empowering yourself and the world.

If I would say you can return your products if the Energy doesn't work, I'd debunk the total Energy of how the Energy manifests itself. I can't do this! If you choose to purchase a YesPower Transformation Product, you decide to contribute to yourself and empower the world.

Support from the Universe

Since time does not exist in other dimensions, and the Universe applies its wisdom and laws, I can only offer you as a human being that you will receive assistance from the Universe. Through the YesPower Transformation products, you will receive the most generous possible contribution to your system.

Besides, I can also say that old, very well-known symbols guide you towards Transformation. However, the YesPower Transformation Symbol is filled with today's Energy and supports you IN your transformation process.

The Universe will continue to assist you and do its work in alignment with what is the most outstanding contribution to your process for that moment.

Enlarge the YesPower Symbol. Look at it... and experience what contribution the Symbol can offer you in your life.

If you want to know more, please let us know!

YesPower Notebook with 2 golden SI Simbolos

Return & YesPower Transformation Products

It's all going about Energy

If you choose to purchase a YesPower Transformation Product, you for choose for 100% commitment to contribute yourself. Beyond yourself, you will empower the world also.

The YesPower Transformation Symbol can empower you through Energy or vibration. When we would make it possible to return your products, we'd debunk the total Energy of how the Energy manifests itself in the Transformation Products. We can't do this!


Trust what's the most significant contribution for YOU! If you think, know, or feel you want to choose to recharge your life, dear to choose.

If you want to test the YesPower Transformation Symbol:

Enlarge the YesPower Logo on your screen. Look in the golden sun... and experience what happens in your system. If something happens and you know the Symbol will contribute to your life, choose what you want to select.

When it feels light, commit yourself 100% to transform. Receive the product you choose.

If you have questions, ask our sales team.

Energetic regards,
Carla Broekhuizen
YesPower - Passion for Yespowerment


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