7 Golden Secrets for Freedom at all Levels

Do you want to experience more meaning, inner Freedom, and return today?

  • The most complete Transformation Secrets to experience Freedom at All Levels.
  • This way you get a Laser Sharp Focus and Peace of Mind.
  • Discover how your effectiveness increases enormously.
  • Free pdf and video.
  • Awareness development
  • Realise your Dreams with more Ease.
Recommendation Jaap Rodenburg

Jaap Rodenburg

International Business

 I have always longed to be understood and with you I feel understood.

The 7 Golden Secrets to experience Freedom at All Levels

For years we have been standing with our Business Medium organisation with our feet in the clay. We have been able to train more than countless international entrepreneurs for the international market. 

The most frequently asked question we always get is: How can I realise my dreams without losing myself? 

We have been specializing for years in synchronisation, transformation, focus, positivity and possibilities how to put in confidence, enjoyment, gratitude, how to put down a positive focus for your company, how to continuously have more depth in your life.

Carla Broekhuizen SI Simbolo yellow gold 352 diamonds

Carla Broekhuizen


YesPower existed in 2014. After a bankruptcy in 2017, we made a restart.

Initially, Carla Broekhuizen worked alone as a Business Medium.
In the spring of 2019, the YesPower Transformation Symbol was loaded, and we started with the production of the YesPower Transformation Products.


Carla loves it to work as a Businessmedium! 

Besides this, we produce and sell beautiful YesPower Transformation Products like the Sleep Sensations, Stickers, Positive Progress Booklet, and the stunning SI Simbolo Chain Pendants.

Recommendation Adriana Kabadozova

Adriana Kabadozova

International Business

Carla is a confidant. She has a very deep sense of business and also of people. She can give just the right advice. 

Recommendation Hans Kamperman

Hans Kamperman

International Business

The top is where you belong!

Review YesPower Kim Buining

Kim Buining

Online Communities

Never before have I met someone so accurate and also shares without fuss or vague words. Carla is really the Queen among the Business Mediums.

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Feel free to learn from our best practices (and failures) and create your own freedom so that you continuously enjoy more within your work and private life. 

Within 4 weeks you enjoy more and you have increased your inner peace. Bet?

7 Golden Secrets for Freedom at all Levels