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  • SI Simbolo Chain Pendant White Gold 18 carat

SI Simbolo Chain Pendant White Gold 18 carat

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Increase your Immune System

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SI Simbolo Chain Pendant White Gold 18 carat

The origins

Initially, the idea of the pendant was derived from the logo of YesPower, a transformation organization of Carla. However, Carla’s vision transformed into a three-dimensional jewel filled with life energy while creating and designing the YesPower Transformation Product line.



In life, it’s straightforward. Whether you believe there is more between heaven and earth or not. I now have the experience that there is more.

Si Simbolo is an excellent example of this. You choose one by feeling and take it in your hand. What happens when you have to experience for yourself.

I couldn’t let go of him and was emotionally touched. A unique feeling and beautiful to experience.


SI Simbolo part transformation product line

The pendants are part of a transformation product line. As part of this line, in collaboration with the main goldsmith, processes were followed with other gold, silver, and goldsmiths to realize the jewelry in bronze, silver, 18-carat gold, and diamonds (plus combinations) at the high-end level and the best possible top of the bill quality level.



The pendant connects the life force of the earth and the universe’s life energy. Both come together in the charm and activate the heart energy of the wearer.


Beauty and power

SI Simbolo, by its form, beauty, and name, beautifully and powerfully represents the “Flow of life energy.”

Material SI Simbolo necklace pendant White Gold

The SI Simbolo is made of 18 carats White Gold.

The SI Simbolo is part of the Gold Line. As a result, the inscription on the back is the same as on the Gold Line.

The pendant comes standard with a necklace thickness of 1.5 mm and 45 cm long.

Sizes SI Simbolo Necklace

  • Diameter of the outside 45 mm.
  • Diameter of the inside 19 mm.
  • The thickness of the pendant decreases to 2 mm.

In the inner circle of the pendant, there is no material through which your skin is visible.

SI Simbolo Jewellery on request

SI Simbolo is a jewel with a story. To make the story tick, so the energy of your SI Simbolo flows as it is intended, our team consists of:

  • To make the story tick, so the energy of your SI Simbolo flows as it is intended, our team consists of:
  • The highest quality materials.
  • The best appraisers so your jewelry shines as it is meant to be.
  • Experienced and well-known people have earned their spurs in the diamond world.
  • Certificering – alle diamanten zijn gekeurd en gecertificeerd door de hoge Raad voor Diamant.


Are you interested in a different kind of jewel than the displayed SI Simbolo necklaces? Then, we would like to visit you without obligation to tune in to your wishes.


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