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YesPower on Masters Expo 2021


YesPower on Masters Expo 2021

YesPower Businessmedium & Transformation Products Forward

"Work with a professional business medium is a present for your soul." - CB

On Thursday, 2 September 2021, we had an introduction for the Masters Expo in Huis ter Duin in Noordwijk in the Netherlands. It was exciting, and we got constructive information from the speakers like Yves Garath, David Bijlsma, Carsten Klint, and Kitty van der Sluis.

The Masters Expo is this year in November from 17 to 22 November 2021, and it's the first time YesPower will be on the Masters Expo. We are there with our Businessmedium and, of course, also with our YesPower Transformation Products.

Besides our beautiful and unique SI Simbolo Luxury Transformation Jewellery, Sleep Sensations, Transformation Stickers, Notebook, pen we will have 2 Special First Editions.


Empower people and develop synchronisation

Our added value is to empower and synchronise people and organisations. YesPower practices two sports:

  • Businessmedium - Business & People Transformation
  • Transformation Products - People Transformation

Business Transformation with Businessmedium

Business Transformation is to change fundamental processes in your business. Transform your organisation with the help of a business medium works straight and deep. The Medium for Business will go to the core of your questions and business with the speed of light. Then, the process works rapidly, with power and serenity.

What is a Business medium?

As a Business medium, you can ask me questions about your businesses broadly and profoundly. You can ask what you want to ask, and I go through the matter without explanations.

How you see your business is for a part going about you. As a result, you develop more awareness, intuïtion, faith, synchronisation, feeling of freedom, and rest in your life during your process. 

YesPower Talk

Do you want to expire what a business medium can do for you? Schedule a talk or talk with us during the Expo and ask your questions. Who knows what's possible and what this contact can do for you.

YesPower Transformation Stickers Transparence

Business Reading

A Business Reading is looking to your businesses where the energy flows, and the energy stocks. It gives insight into what's the best thing to do for this moment.

As a Business Medium, I read your businesses, and you can develop this quality by yourself. We ask questions and get answers. We can work with or without all types of drawings, photos, names, businesses, teams.

Choose for a Business Medium

If you have everything you thought you wanted and aren't happy, it's nice to look beyond.

  • Your personality is big.
  • To be understood.
  • To feel safe and share what's on your mind on all levels
  • It's common for you to be the leader, and people listen to you at crucial moments.

Work with a professional business medium is a big present for your soul. The experienced psychic will look beyond your borders, without judgments, beliefs, and pressure.

Online Business Healing

By seeing things, you create space. Everything is energy. You, the people you work with, and your different business units are also energy. By gaining insight into where business processes do not function energetically well, you can clean things up. We investigate where your power, your team's power, and your organisation do not flow well with a business healing. We solve the issues instantly where these are possible for that moment.

YesPower Transformation Sleep Sensation

When to work with a Medium for Business?

  • Do you have difficulties on the highest levels and, it gives you stress?
  • Do you sleep poorly?
  • Do you want to work straight and forward?
  • Don't you know where to go anymore?
  • Do you feel lonely?
  • Your consultants don't understand where it's going about?
  • Do you know you have a few 'little' problems?
  • Do you flee in excesses?
  • The pressure is high, and your feeling of inner freedom flows away?
  • Is your health under pressure?
  • Is it time to develop your feeling of inner freedom

SI Simbolo Chain Pendant Bronze

SI Simbolo Luxury Transformation Jewellery

Show a piece of your personality with the SI Simbolo Chain Pendant. The surprisingly extensive range of different materials ensures a beautiful and wide choice. For example, there are sturdy pendants in a combination of materials of silver and yellow gold, silver and rose gold, plus 18-carat gold in combination with diamonds. There are also quieter and more serene variants such as 18-carat yellow, white, and rosé gold, gold-plated, silver, and bronze variants.

The positive energy for your estate or office block is incredible! You can see and feel it by yourself on our Hal 11 on the Masters Expo! So our stand will be a stand of positive energy, power, and light. See, feel and recognise it by yourself!

Carla Broekhuizen


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