Exclusive VIP Breakthrough

Silence location in Nature

Create a constructive course for you and your company Now.

Clarify the obstacles of yourself and your organisation, break your boundaries and accelerate.

Do you recognise this?


Your business is not doing well. You know that that something is not going well yet. Even so, you can't figure out what's wrong or needs to be done.

Your company is doing well. However, you estimate that there is more to get out of it. But, unfortunately, you don't know what to do.

You get stuck yourself. You know you have to work it out, but you don't know how and with whom.

THE VIP Breakthrough helps you with this


SIlence - Reading - Creation

With the SRC-Method I offer you insight in 4 hours into the most significant contribution for you and your organisation.

We start by tuning in Silence to you and your company. 

As a result, Healing takes place on a profound level. Obstacles will be removed, creating more room for growth and awareness.

A Reading follows. You get more insight and clarity in yourself and your organisation.

As a result, you can achieve results with more ease that better match your wishes as a person and entrepreneur.

Finally, the Debriefing follows during the lunch.

If desired, we create a targeted plan tailored to you & your organisation during lunch towards more Passion & Business Awareness.

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Silence tells more than words. We make eye contact, called Darshan. As a result, healing takes place on a profound level.

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During the reading, I tune in to the new position in you and your company through the silence healing.

Because I pierce through the matter, things that previously remained unclear will be clarified for you.

SI Simbolo Necklace Silver Luxury Transformation Jewellery


There is a deepening of your business awareness. We can create a targeted and personal step-by-step plan for you and your organisation from this position.

You always remain a seeker if you don't find yourself.”   -   CB
YesPower Zand


  • A Silent Healing for you and your company of 1 hour.
  • A Reading in which you get more clarity in yourself and your organization of 1 hour.
  • Finally, during the lunch the debriefing follows. Then, if desired, we can Create a targeted step-by-step plan under lunch. So that in addition to being successful with more Passion & Business Awareness, you will do business.
  • The audio recording is in agreement.
  • EXTRA - Affirmations, tips, tricks, and custom assignments.
  • EXTRA - Online Reading from 45 - 60 minutes 1 month after Half VIP day.

YesPower Nobebook

added value for you as a human and entrepreneur

Experience for yourself what it is like to get straight to the core.

Plus, to use your time and energy effectively at any time. YesPower works with enterprising people on their Passion & Business Awareness.

"The moment you close your doors, new doors open."

Every person sometimes needs a mirror to close a door. This allows you to grow to the next level in your business awareness.

What others Say


Never before have I met someone so accurate and shared it without fuss or vague words. Carla is the Queen among the Business Mediums.

Kim Buining 

 / Online Community Expert


A few times a year, I get Business Readings from Carla. The latter was, as always, entirely correct. She gives me good insights into my current and future business plans. She also offers accurate and direct advice about my business partners. I trust her completely and would definitely recommend her as a Business Medium.

Adriana Kabadozova

/ International Businesswoman


I have always longed to be understood, and with you, I finally feel understood.

Jaap Rodenburg

/ International Businessman

Imagine what it's like If

  • You now have more insight into the obstacles of yourself and the people you live and work with. 
  • It's clear what's going on in your business now.
  • You know what the most significant contribution is for you and your organisation for the coming period. 
  • Your work will generate more and more energy because things have been healed in you and within your company.
  • You have more peace of mind.
  • You experience more inner peace, inner joy, and inner freedom.
Carla Broekhuizen
"Say Yes to Now and marvel at the Synchronicity that appears in your life."   -   CB

I am Carla Broekhuizen, founder of YesPower and the SI Simbolo necklaces. 

I say Yes to Now, live entirely from faith, gratitude, surrender, being earthly spiritual, and at the same time very down-to-earth. 

Every time I am grateful to work as a Business Medium. I'd love to talk to you!

VIP Breakthrough