January 22

Stop fighting Live YES


There is no point in fighting. Live what you believe in! That makes sense. 

January 22, 2022, I saw a post on LinkedIn. Super-rich had gotten richer during the pandemic. This post was based on Inequality Kills, by Oxfam Novib.

In this message, people are called upon to join the fight to transform the extreme inequality of wealth.

From my point of view, using the word struggle is a missed opportunity. Stop using the word fight and Live from the word Yes.

With the phrase struggle, you operate from the energy that benefits nothing and no one. Instead, use words that you want to realize. Inspire others from love and light plus practice what you preach.

What I also found interesting was that when I started with YesPower, I also saw a message about a report from Oxfam Novib. Now that I'm on a new turn for YesPower, I see this again.

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The most incredible wealth in your life

The most significant wealth in your life is saying yes to the present time. The moment you live this, you have less need for the latest gadgets and the latest iPhone, Tesla, Rolex, Bugatti, tightest appearance, etc. Whether or not you can afford it becomes less important. Not that you can't enjoy it anymore, this is not what I'm saying.
However, you will deal with it differently because you can experience the inner wealth you do not possess. 

Your life is more and more about your inner life instead of your life situation. So you're going to appreciate the present moment differently. You can also unravel the farce that time is precious and that time is money.

In addition, you can discover what it takes to enjoy the moment intensely.

An energetic healer that you can use to support your consciousness development is the SI Simbolo necklace.

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Realizing inner peace within yourself

One part of achieving inner freedom is inner peace. Inner peace goes far beyond feeling happy. You can feel pleased through external factors. For example, you have realized your goals. You can buy a beautiful new property or house. Your child is doing well in school and so on.

Inner peace is an intrinsically profound process and a state of being. It is present from the deepest part of yourself. When they contact you, other people experience, taste, smell, and feel your state of being.

"You radiate an inner peace.''

The peace is in you despite what is happening in your life. Your inner strength is so strong that others cannot ignore it.

However, what can happen is that people cannot understand what they see or experience. This is because your vibration passes beyond their level of consciousness.

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Source of inspiration for your environment

The moment you as a human being live out inner peace, you are a source of inspiration for your environment. The moment you do this and read a message about the rich getting richer and richer, you can inspire people and be the candle in a world where the hardening lurks in many areas. 

Whether it concerns the subjects like rich and poor, Corona, emancipation, that does not matter. It's about you as a human being taking responsibility for what IS there at the moment.

Distribute everything equally for everyone

Before, I have had several discussions about distributing everything equally for the total world population. I don't believe this will work. I see too many differences in people. People who have a strong inner drive to look to opportunities and possibilities may regain a prominent position within a few seconds. They will use their options. While others may sit back lazily or because they are followers instead of leaders.

From my point of view, there will always be differences, which is fine for me. But, on the other hand, I continue to find it interesting how it is possible that if you are at the top of the world, you allow the increasing inequality to continue. But, of course, cognitively speaking, I can put all kinds of things on it.

"However, when I look into the eyes of these people, I see no inner peace and freedom. I completely see different things..."

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White Light is always stronger

White light is more potent than negativity. What I mean by White Light is more substantial is that if you put things you experience as unpleasant put in white light, things change positively.

At the time I wrote this article, there were 7,921,995,786 world dwellers. Imagine what large groups of people can realize if they put the wealthiest people of this world in white light instead of in the shade.

"What is in White Light makes darkness fade into the background."   -   CB

The hardening of contradictions that are increasing worldwide requires lightness instead of heaviness. No one benefits from heaviness.

I want to invite you to step out of the fight. Instead, look at what you can and like to contribute to the bigger picture, so directors discover their inner spiritual wealth on a deeper level.

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Governing from Inner Wealth

The moment you as a human being can and will grow from material wealth to inner wealth and live from this new position, you will do everything and everyone fabulous favor. You will create a more positive direction for yourself, your companies, the world, and the highest good.

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Carla Broekhuizen


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