December 26

Say Yes to Now


Say Yes to Now

Now, the only reality that exists

The Past, Now, and the Future

The only fascinating time is the present moment. Tomorrow is the future. At the moment of tomorrow, today is already the past. The awareness of now is gone already. While the now is always present. 

History is old news which you can't change any more. So when your mind can't stop thinking, it's time to focus on now!

"The space you experience by living in the Now is unsurpassed."    -    CB

Just say Yes Now

Last week was a beautiful week. I spoke about the contribution of focus on Now with different people.

The essential thing in your life is saying yes to now at all times. When you say yes to the now, you can use all your possibilities and become in a supreme state of concentration.

You enter a state of being whereby possibilities flow to you because you open yourself to a higher vibration. Your source of inspiration is therefore inexhaustible.

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Your Mind wants to control your Life

Does your head never stand still, and do you hear voices in your head? Unfortunately, you are not the only one!  Most people hear or see something in their heads. Just a few people can choose silence in their head when they want this.

But, unfortunately, when those stories go on and on, it can be impossible to stop them. So when you want quiet in your head, you have to develop your consciousness.

When you are not aware, your mind usually wants to control your life and future. While your mind respond to impressions of your past,

So do you fall into the same trap over and over again in your life? Allow yourself to discover your total life energy and passion in your life that is possible for you. Say every time yes to the now and to what is now. Grow in your awareness, and let's have fun!

"The abundance of joy in the Now lets your worries and pain fade away."   -   CB

Wealth from Within

Whoever you are and whatever you do. Everything is impermanent. The only thing that is essential in your life is the now. Don't worry about later today or tomorrow. You can't take your material stuff with you when you are dying. The only essential thing is your inner growth. When you understand the art of inner joy, the rest is a sideshow.

Be aware of what is now. Use all your senses. That's all that matters. You create space in all areas whereby doors open that otherwise remain closed.

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Why do we spend our energy?

Interestingly, as humans, we spend so much time and energy on the past and the future. Our mind is constantly analyzing things and often never stands still. We are in the process of accumulating everything on an earthly level, and at the same time, we ignore saying yes in the moment of now to the only thing that makes you happy. 

Your mind is the instrument you can use to realise things now. The past is gone already and isn't fascinating anymore. So choose to stop thinking about tomorrow and the past. Instead, it's time to focus on what you feel, see, hear, smell, and BE where you are now. To be where you are now, with attention. Every step you make, when you walk.

To eat with attention

There is a lot of attention to what we eat and drink these days. The supplements are available to replenish all the nutrients that we otherwise lack because the nutrients we receive from our usual food are insufficient.

We pay less attention to every bite we eat and sip we drink. So be aware of the food you eat and drink.

  • Mention the
  • Smell
  • Substance
  • How hot or cold it is what you put in your mouth
  • How the cutlery feels
  • What does it do to you when you see the food on your plate
  • How does it feel in your mouth
  • What happens when you swallow
  • How does the food slip into your body
  • How does the food sink into your body
  • And... what's happening to you now?

Doing things with attention sheds new light on your life and work. The moment you work from the Now and say yes to what is now every time, false certainties fall away. They have no value anymore. While other things that previously did not seem important get a completely different value.

The most famous scientists and artists create the most beautiful inventions and art in a state where they are focused on the now and let go of their minds. It is a situation where you are not disturbed by your mind.

From your surrender to the now, you let your energy flow so that you can achieve the most beautiful results in the highest state of readiness. This state of being is my favorite.

You feel entire. Your past does not play a role at that moment, and your future is not important either. Only the moment of creation is the moment where everything flows. Fears shift to the background, and you are focused on what you are doing at that moment.

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Beyond snobbery

What does it take to enjoy more? I still find it extraordinary to hear people talk about freedom. When I look into people's eyes, it can happen I receive new information like... you have power but free... you don't emit the light of freedom in your eyes when I look into your eyes. I don't feel the vibration of inner freedom.

"By saying Yes to the Now, you finally become who you ARE."   -   CB

Eyes are honest

When there is emptiness in your eyes, there is pain in your life. Nothing of what you have or want to realize in material stuff will solve this pain.

The question is, are you happy? In any case, you do not radiate this. You look good. You can do anything you want to do, yet I see an empty shell. Poverty in a rich world. Poverty on a deep level of being.

What would it be like if you converted this poverty into wealth in all areas? I am not talking about assets in money, crypto, shares, or this kind of thing. The most significant ability we can realize is manifesting wealth within ourselves. Whereby you start to shine from the inside out.

"Say yes to the only reality that exists, and that is the now."   -   CB

"NOW IS"   -   CB

Example of Shining from Inside out

An excellent example of shining from the inside out is the following. In November 2021, we performed with YesPower at Masters Expo in the RAI in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. We also showed some of our YesPower Transformation Products, including the new necklaces SI Simbolo.

After three days, the neighbour of the stand next to us came to me. He looked at me intensely and said to me. How do you do that? I see you all these days now intensely radiant, and it goes on and on. I don't understand how you do that, and I want this to.

Intense Enjoyment

Intense enjoyment is what life is all about for me. 

  • Enjoy during a walk where I see deers again.
  • While I dance and fully perceive the music, all my senses are on edge, and my body resonates with the music.
  • I intensely enjoy of my children what they say or do.
  • Enjoy food and so on.

You don't get this shine from a jar of cream, a beautiful outfit, your latest Porsche, or Rolex.

This blasting is about awareness and choosing to enjoy what there is. Observe your mind. Stop your mind. Focus on the now, so the gramophone record that plays in your head comes to a standstill.

Whatever someone tells you to do, keep checking whether it is the most significant contribution to you and your system. Then, do what suits you to achieve what you want to achieve. For example, meditating is not my thing, although many people love to meditate.

"By saying Yes to what is Now, your inner candle of joy will burn again!"   -   CB

Stop judging yourself

Stop judging yourself and start developing yourself to have more fun again. Let's face it... that line, the hangover, the sex, the buying, drugs, drank, or whatever it is to satisfy yourself extrinsically that only works for a short time and does not make you happy.

Extrinsically satisfaction is only a short-term satisfaction with a hangover. You also want more and more to experience the feeling of well-being again and again. You are fooling yourself. Of course, you know this yourself. Yet it takes courage to break this pattern to ingrain. Only you cannot continue like this because of your business operations, your relationship with yourself and others, your physical condition, and otherwise suffers.

Forever Now

Whatever level you function, we are all human. To live nicely and don't lose yourself in all kinds of addictions and unwanted dependencies, you have to live in forever Now. Say Yes to what is Now and have fun in your life. So take your chance and start NOW. Contact us for more information.


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