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Enjoy is an Art of Living. An Art you can learn Now, to Enjoy Forever.

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Allow Quotes

  • The moment you really dare to let go, the sky opens up, and your stars appear that give you the insights you need so that your star can shine. - 25042020
  • Only when you can BE fully in surrender to yourself can you also fully BE this to someone else. - 06072020
  • Surrender is about being that which IS. - 06072020

Awareness Quotes

  • BE aware and understand yourself to be understood.
  • The form disappears into the background when consciousness level increases. - 28122021
  • Ego disappears when consciousness appears.
  • With a growing consciousness, there is a shift from eccentric to intrinsic. - 28122021
  • Your inner growth passes by your title and your position. - 28122021

Beauty Quotes

  • When you shine inwardly, you are gorgeous.

Body Quotes

  • Words distort, and your body is always honest. - 2005

Business Quotes

  • Every Part of your Organisation has Consciousness. - 01042020
  • Only when your company functions at your service can you represent your business out of loving gentleness and the highest good. - 10032020
  • The more aware you ARE, the higher the return will BE. - 10032020
  • Investment in your transformation process is the most valuable investment there is!

Communication Quotes

  • Friendly communication provides more efficiency.
  • Words become superfluous if you can see something ancient in energy let go.  Fill yourself and your system with white Light and Love. - 28072020
  • The Only Correct Answers are within you. All you have to do is listen to the answers and Live them.
  • Use a white flag in your communication and create space. - 25052020

Enjoy Quotes

  • Enjoy is an Art of Living. An Art you can learn Now, to Enjoy Forever. - 2009
  • The moment you discover to enjoy your journey to your goal, your goal becomes less important.

Enlightenment Quotes 

  • Only when you are enlightened, you don't have pain. - 02012022

Freedom is BEING who you ARE.

Carla Broekhuizen - YesPower  22052020

Freedom Quotes

  • Freedom is BEING who you ARE. - 22052020
  • Only if you follow your heart can you BE free. - 01022021
  • Experiencing Freedom by growing from having to BEING. - 28092021
  • Inner Freedom is not for sale. - 05082021
  • Measuring the feeling of Freedom in wealth is not possible. - 05082021
  • Relying on what IS creates Freedom. - 05082021
  • Excesses cause you to stray further and further away from your sense of inner Freedom. - 05082021
  • Your Golden Source to Inner Freedom is to (re)discover Purity and Innocence within yourself. - 05082021
  • Experiencing Freedom starts with learning to Wonder yourself again plus being Grateful for what IS. - 05082021
  • You only experience Freedom if you choose to disconnect yourself from manipulation. - 05082021
  •  Decoupling yourself from manipulative forces takes courage. 
  •  Say Yes to what is Now every moment and experience freedom. - 05062021
  • Light is always stronger than dark and heavy. Create your Freedom from Lightness. - 05082021
  • Choose for inner Freedom, so you select the most significant contribution to yourself and the higher good. - 05082021
  • Freedom IS when you can fill yourself! 4th most important according to the angels!! 01112020
  • Freedom is in You. Experience yourself without judgment, so you experience a complete sense of Freedom from others.
  • Freedom is in you. The only thing you have to do is live in Freedom, love, enjoy, and wonder in the present time. - 21122017
  • Freedom is being you without anyone's permission.
  • Deepen your experience of Freedom by increasing from having to BEING.
  • Experience Inner Freedom by going beyond possessions.
  • Inner Freedom goes beyond Have.
  • Inner Freedom fills the gab of your loneliness.

Frequency Quotes

  • The moment you put yourself central, your vibration can resonate as intended.
  • Your inner body is 'The' vehicle to raise your Frequency to BE. - 29122021

Gratitude Quotes

  • It's incredibly dear to experience your inner sense of greatness and gratitude. - 19012021
  • Gratitude creates infinite possibilities.
  • Gratitude goes beyond love. 2017

Growth Quotes

  • Your inner purpose is the most important goal in your life. - 28122021
  • You gain clear insights by giving yourself room for growth. 

Joy Quotes

  • Inner Joy passes by your Wealth. - 05082021
  • True Wealth is when you experience Inner Joy. - 05082021
  • Experience your Inner Freedom through experiencing inner joy. - 05082021

Life Quotes

  • The only problem there is, you are. - 27122021
  • You make the most outstanding contribution to your life if you care for the most significant contribution to YOUR life each time. - 05082021
  •  If you are carried, traveling during your life's journey is not an effort but relaxation. Traveling is like being guided from A to B to do what you need to BE. - 25082020
  • Your life lessons will keep repeating themselves if you don't pick them up.
  • You make the most significant contribution to your life if you choose the highest good each time. - 05082021
  •  Only if everything is allowed to be there can things be fully lived. - 28072020
  • The most beautiful place on earth to go on holiday is to go on holiday into yourself. - 09062020
  • Pas op het moment dat je er klaar voor BENT kunnen rookgordijnen worden opgeheven. - 03102020
  • Live your passion, and your passion will be the truth. - 12102019
  • Celebrate your life comes from the inside out and hits you in the core of your human being. - 20191008
  • Only by learning your lessons do you change things.
  • Asking yourself is like putting on your sail. If your sail is well trimmed, you get more results with less effort due to a good wind catch. - 10062019
  • By daring to live through the most significant bumps in your life and learning to trust what provides, you will receive your best insights.
  • If the tension arc becomes too big, you want to react.
  • Whereas if you raise your consciousness, you will find your solution.
  • You can learn your biggest lessons by daring to live through giant shit. - 171120

Light Quotes

  • You are Light by Being. - 01012022
  • Het licht is altijd krachtiger dan manipulatieve krachten en machten. - 05082021
  • Choose for Light and let your light shine.
  • Choose the world and let your light shine over the world. If dirt accumulates within your system, you can do 2 things.
  • Commit yourself to it or put it in love and light so that it dissolves.
  • Light is always stronger than darkness. - 1995

I want to BE free and if you want you can BE with me.

Carla Broekhuizen - YesPower 

Love Quotes

  • In connection with someone else from connection with yourself.
  • A silky smooth whispering caress can be able to accomplish more than extensive lovemaking.17072020
  • Even though you make love with different partners in time or simultaneously, your desire to complete surrender can only be satisfied if you first surrender to yourself and say Yes to the present time. 06072020
  • You can only give and receive unconditional love if you also love yourself unconditionally as you Are.
  • From (self)love & Light, everything is possible. 21052018

Opportunity Quotes

  • Opportunity often comes disguised in the form of misfortune, of temporary defeat - Een kans komt vaak vermomd in de vorm van tegenslag of een tijdelijke nederlaag.
  • Als je leeft vanuit de vraag kan je alles veranderen.
  • Alle oplossingen kan je terugvinden in jezelf. Of je jouw oplossing wilt vinden, is aan jou. - 16112017
  • Op het moment dat je jezelf laat leiden vanuit Zijn gaat alles met meer gemak.

Peace Quotes

  • Inner peace passes forms by. 01012022
  • Deepen Awareness through Silence & Dachsan provides inner peace.

Possibilities Quotes

  • There are always possibilities.
  • Everything impossible is possible 27122021
  • The moment you use your primal power, you are unbeatable. - 20180215

Power Quotes

  • The moment you use your primal power, you are unbeatable. - 20180215

Present Time Quotes

  • The space you experience by living in the Present Time is unsurpassed. - 26122021 
  • The Abundance of Joy in the Present Time lets your worries and pain fade away. - 26122021 
  • By saying Yes to the Present Time, you finally become who you ARE. - 26122021 
  • NOW IS - 26122021
  • Your inner candle of Joy will burn again by saying Yes to what is Now! - 26122021 

Prove Quotes

  • You don’t have to proof yourself anymore. You ARE the proof. - 22052020

Receive Quotes

  • The most significant gift you can receive in your life is to BE.
  • The ability to Receive More is developing to BE aware. - 01102021 
  • The Universe can give you what you want if you Receive and fly with your wings. - 15042020 

Rich Quotes

  • Wealth in your heart and mind creates your sense of abundance.
  • Wealth in your heart and mind creates your sense of abundance. - 01112020
  • Accelerating through slowdown is a RICH way of life.
  • Someone who brings out the best in you is more precious than gold. 092016

Search and Find Quotes

  • You will only Find what you are looking for if you say Yes to the Present time. - 29122021 
  • You always remain a seeker if you don't Find Yourself. - 29122021 
  • You will only find what you are looking for when you Find Yourself. - 29122021

Selflove Quotes

  • Give up the relationship with yourself and BE one. - 01012022
  • Self-love is completely BEING yourself.

Serenity Quotes

  • If you step into your purity of BEING, again and again, you will be reborn every time. 
  • Choosing from purity for yourself is a contribution to humanity. Choosing from the ego for yourself is selfishness. - 05082021
  • Only if something is pure & authentic works it pure & potent at the highest level.

Gratitude is the Key to anything.

Carla Broekhuizen - YesPower 16062020

Silence Quotes

  • Silence tells more than words - 16092021
  • Silence ignores words. Silence is beyond words." 16092021Get yourself by being still.
  • BEING in Silence.
  • See by being in Silence.
  • Deepen by Lovingly being in silent connection with yourself.
  • Step into your power by stilling.
  • Accelerate by stilling.
  • Growth by stilling.
  • Step into your power by seeing in silence.
  • See by being in silence.
  • Deepen by stilling.
  • In love for yourself still.
  • Consciousness development by BEING STILL.

Synchronicity Quotes

  • Experience Peace, Joy, Surrender, and Marvel the Synchronicity in your life. - 01012022

Time Quotes

  • It's about what you do with the time you have at your disposal.
  • All what's interesting is NOW.
  • Giving Time and space to yourself offers new Insights and Growth. - 16112017
  • Everything happens at exactly The Right Time.
  • Time doesn't exist. It's just an illusion. - 2015
  • The most valuable Time there is the Present Time.

Transformation Quotes

  • By transforming yourself, your environment and everything on earth will transform. - 01012022
  • Transform Ancient Energy Now. Fill yourself with white Light, and only pure energy will be in you.
  • The core of transformation is that your soul wants to be heard.
  • Only when YOU hear your core is a profound transformation process possible. - 10072019

Trust Quotes

    • Living and working with Confidence gives a dimension to your life that transcends excesses. - 05082021
  • If you trust, you will fly. - 102019
  • The moment you dare to Trust, the sky opens, and your stars appear, giving you the insights you need so that your star can shine.
  • Trust makes everything possible.
  • Dare to trust the direction that suits you. - 15022018
  • By following the way that makes you happy, you experience more Inner Joy in your life. - 1502201
  • Resistance disappears when trust appears. - 2016

Truth Quotes

  • Eyes say more than a thousand words. - 13022018

Universe Quotes

  • To listen to the Voice of the Universe is consciousness-expanding. 15042020

Vulnerability Quotes

  • Only when you SEE vulnerability can you BE vulnerable! 20102020
  • Vulnerability is powerful. The only question is whether you have the strength in you to dare to see your exposure. - 19112019
  • Only when something is seen can it dissolve. Dare to see your vulnerabilities and dare use them in personal and business situations. You will be heard and seen more by yourself and your environment. As a result, you live with more energy.

Wisdom Quotes

  • Wisdom transcends all ages.
  • All wisdom is within you. All you need is a mirror to discover your wisdom.
  • All wisdom is stored within yourself. It's up to you to listen to it or bury your head in the sand.

Wondering Quotes

  • Marvel... not everything is what it seems or seems to be what it IS. - 18102020
  • Wonder at what appears to be what is something.
  • Marvel at what seems like what something IS. - 18102020
  • The moment you SEE THINGS, you will wonder yourself and experience inner peace and strength. - 26042020

Yes Power Quotes

  • You will only find what you are looking for if you say yes to the Present Time. - 29122021
  • Say Yes to the Guru in yourself.
  • Say Yes to the Solutions in Yourself - 20072020
  • All answers are in you. Whether you want to see your answers and say Yes to what IS, is up to you.
  • Say Yes to what you want to discover and realize this through a commitment to yourself. 032020
  • The moment you say NO, you say YES to new possibilities 14092017
  • Your greatest fear is your greatness. It's Time to say Yes and embrace your greatness. - 16112017
  • Yes, your fundamental no. - 2016


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