Personal  Silence               

Discover THE reality through Personal Silence. Meet yourself by being in contact with an energy vibration so high your system hooks up and vibrates along.

Do you recognise this?

You want to come back to yourself.

Want more peace of mind.

  You want to BE more yourself.

  You want to connect with people with a high vibration.

Personal Silence helps you with this


Silence - EYE CONTACT - state of being

We use Darshan (eye contact) to "convey" the silence during the one-off meeting.

You get to the core of what IS that allows you to BE who you are through eye contact.

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Silence tells more than words. Therefore, we make eye contact, called Darshan. As a result, healing takes place on a profound level.

Carla Broekhuizen Businessmedium YesPower


During the meeting, we use Darshan (eye contact) to "convey" the silence and to (re)find the Divine within yourself.

“When allowing the form, everything is given room to arise and be seen.”   -   CB
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  • Silence session, walk or retreat one on one. 
  • With personal silence sessions, preferably no time limitation, what IS can arise.
  • Focus on you.
  • Rest - You set the pace.
  • Healing from yourself and, if desired, also from your company.
  • Preferably, meeting in real life.
  • Desired location on request.
  • Contact us and share your wishes.

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"Step into your power by Seeing in Silence."   -   CB
  • To catch up for most people, unprecedented high energy vibration.
  • You empower the Divine love within yourself by being in silence. Therefore, silence is a blessing in your life
  • Your body is more intelligent than you think. Through silence, you will use the wisdom of your body.
  • Being yourself.
  • There is no I, only experience.
  • By being silent, you stop the voices in your head.
  • Vibration number increases disproportionately.

What others Say


Never before have I met someone so accurate and shared it without fuss or vague words. Carla is the Queen among the Business Mediums.

Kim Buining 

 / Online Community Expert


A few times a year, I get Business Readings from Carla. The latter was, as always, entirely correct. She gives me good insights into my current and future business plans. She also offers accurate and direct advice about my business partners. I trust her completely and would definitely recommend her as a Business Medium.

Adriana Kabadozova

/ International Businesswoman


I have always longed to be understood, and with you, I finally feel understood.

Jaap Rodenburg

/ International Businessman

Imagine what it's like If

  • You have more peace of mind.
  • More can enjoy what IS. 
  • It is possible to live more and more in the NOW
  •  You are easily in contact with a high vibration every week. 
  • You now have more insight into your obstacles.
  • You experience more inner peace, inner joy, and inner freedom.
Carla Broekhuizen Businessmedium
Carla Broekhuizen
In 2018 I came into contact with working with silence for the first time. For months I was called by Ramana to work with people through silence.

After that, Ramana kept coming my way again with the same question.

Who I am is unimportant here. I am just called to share silence with you. So that it is also possible for you to grow beyond what you are (already) experiencing.

For more information contact us and inform us about your preferred dates. We will contact you within two working days.

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