November 14

Drink YesPowerment Water


Drink YesPowerment water

November 7, 2023, I received a message from a great initiative: 

"The world is at peace, and I am in peace."

In peace through water – keep spreading the word! It's a beautiful initiative. Still, it didn't feel complete to me. What made this so I couldn't immediately place. Until the morning of November 11, 2023.

Arises YesPowerment

First, an introduction to clarify where the word YesPowerment comes from.
November 7 was another impressive week in terms of transformative energy around the world. It was also a special week for me.

The Universe gave me two words:

  • YesPoweren
  • YesPowerment


The word YesPoweren

November 9: I woke up about 4:00 a.m. and received new information from the angels, including that the verb " YesPowering " had to be introduced.

At first, I wanted to sleep after the download before going to work. However, the information kept flowing constantly, and I wrote the basis of a blog about YesPoweren before I started working on the location.

When I drove home from work that day, it kept coming back to me that I had to go dancing that night while I was exhausted because I had been called up so early in the morning to process the information that came in.

Because the information kept coming in that I had to go dancing, I rested on my sofa for 10 minutes after I got home, after which I went out again to dance.

I quickly prepared two currant buns with cheese, drank some water, and didn't have the time to change clothes, shower, or freshen up. All I did was brush my teeth and use some deodorant, and I went off.

Usually, I'm always dancing

  • In a dress
  • I always shower before I go dancing
  • I brush my teeth, and after I brush my teeth, I don't eat anything before I go dancing
  • I dance without a bra
Overgave in YesPowerment

What is really important?

All those things were suddenly no longer necessary. I set out to a location I hadn't been to before, and I was surprised when I ended up there. The entourage was great! The different spaces are realized with attention to energy and detail.

What I experienced that night and how I danced, I had never danced like this. I can't describe it in words... The freedom, space within myself, gratitude, surrender, strength, energy, love, abundance, which I had experienced in myself as part of the powerful and all-encompassing transformation process that I was in as a human being and of which I am only a part and which allowed me to deepen every time, what a great gift that I was allowed and able to experience this. This was genuinely wondrous and powerful!

When I got home, I grabbed some nuts and a cup of warm water that was still in the thermos from that morning on the counter, and I drank it.


The word YesPowerment

When I was sitting on the sofa, it suddenly came in that the slogan of YesPower had to change from Passion for Empowerment to Passion for YesPowerment... 🤣

I had no idea if it was helpful from an earthly point of view, but when I wrote this, I got... images that my back was pushed forward when I formulated this. As a human being, I would never have thought of all this myself.

The best slogan at the right time

YesPower has had several slogans since 2016. This was also a significant growth process. I knew it wasn't complete yet. However, we could only figure out precisely the slogan at the right moment. The most used slogan for YesPower was Passion for Empowerment.

Slogan YesPower - Passion for YesPowerment

Now also, the slogan for YesPower - Passion for YesPowerment, is authentic and powerful enough to be able to wear the Yes Symbol, SI Simbolo - The Most Powerful Jewels in the World, YesPower Art, which is still in development and which has arisen from the Yes Symbol. 

The word YesPowerment is also so powerful and comprehensive that I knew it was intended that this word would be widely supported. How exactly that will unfold on its own.

YesPower Sleep Sensation

Missing word was YesPowerment

Also, on Friday, November 10, 2023, it kept coming in that I had to go dancing that night. Before the dance evening, the facilitator talked about drinking water, and suddenly, it came in that the missing word was YesPowerment.

Fully received by the planet

Yet this word has always been associated with wars, so the vibration of peace also carries a kind of heaviness in the background for many people.
What the earth, humanity in its totality and individually, needs now is a different energy than peace. The earth, .... Whoooo....

At the moment I want to write this piece of text, I see the images that the earth is opening up completely, a lot of pure white light, and the word YesPowerment can be fully received by the planet and humanity because the word is pure and clean because there is traditionally no charge on the word YesPowerment. The word is new, serves the highest good, and has the highest vibration possible.

Water in us and on earth

What percentage of your body is water?
Opinions are divided on the exact percentage of our body's water content. Often, it is said that our body consists of an average of 70% water.

According to Professor Bert Bammens of the Department of Nephrology, however, this is a bit more nuanced and fluctuates between 55% and 60%, with the percentage being slightly higher for men than for women. In addition, the water percentage decreases as you get older.

Where is the water in our body?

Some of the water that's in us is in our blood.


  • 70% of the brain is made up of water
  • 79% of the heart and lungs are made up of water
  • 76% of our muscles are made up of water
  • 70% of our skin is made up of water
  • 70% of our liver is made up of water
  • 22% of our bones are made up of water
  • 10% of our teeth are made up of water

What percentage of water is the earth?

YesPowerment water op aarde

Water on Earth

Since more than 70 percent of our planet's surface consists of water, water is also essential at the terrestrial level to help us become even more aware of what we want, say, and do.
About 97 percent of all water on earth consists of salt water and is in the oceans.
Only 3% of all water on earth is fresh. Much of this is not accessible to humans as drinking water because it consists of snow and ice.

Fresh water on Earth

Fresh water on Earth consists of the following:

  • Ice
  • Fresh water in rivers and lakes - the largest freshwater reservoir in the world is Lake Baikal this is located in Russia
  • Groundwater
  • Water in the air

"... Positively influenced water samples yield beautiful and perfectly formed crystals, while negative words, thoughts, and emotions result in ugly, misshapen crystals." Says Masura Emoto.

If we use this starting point, it is essential to approach the water we consume positively.

Glas met YesPowerment

Vibration of YesPowerment

The vibration of the word " YesPowerment " is such that everything in you, your system, the earth, and the highest good responds to receiving this word.

Given the vibration of the word YesPowerment, this is a sublime opportunity to empower yourself and the world and realize that you are YesPowerment every time you sip water. You can add more words, but this is superfluous.

The first time I drank the water with 'I am YesPowerment,' I immediately felt the energy accelerating in my system.

Introduce the word YesPowerment to yourself with every sip of water you drink. With this, you support everything and everyone.

The vibration of the word YesPowerment is:

  • Highest level
  • Pure
  • Powerful
  • Impossible to put into words

Discover the Power of Yes

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Carla Broekhuizen
Passie for YesPowerment


  • The message of water
  • The Wonderful World of Sea Glass - Masaru Emoto


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