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“Freedom is to BE who you ARE” - CB
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Added Value Businessmedium

Being able to share perceptions that others ignore or cannot interpret is perceived as an unprecedented wealth.

The added value of me as Business medium is to recognise things which other consultant don't understand. You come quickly to the core on all area's.

Breaking loneliness 

When you are functioning at high altitudes, it is often difficult to be understood. As a result, we frequently experience loneliness.

I get back from my customers; they experience total safety and refreshment to share everything and be fully understood. To be understood, break your loneliness. Whereby you can function better from your natural habitat, which gives you a feeling of inner freedom.

What we do is, we support you to Go to your Essence.

Realisation of freedom by commitment with yourself” - CB
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YesPower Business Consultancy

2 Different ways of working

  1.    You develop yourself to BE Confidence, Gratitude, and Freedom
  2.    You ask we deliver input

1   To BE Confidence, Gratitude and Freedom

To take the opportunity to BE (more) Confidence, Gratitude and Freedom is an exciting path! Your path will BE always impressive, and it will sometimes hard to believe what's happening. The inner feeling of greatness is incredible. It will be a constructive path when you follow what the Universe whispers to you.

What you develop is:

  • To BE Confidence
  • To BE Gratitude
  • To BE Freedom

“It's incredibly dear to experience your inner sense of greatness and gratitude” - CB

This development is a personal and business-like process and different for everybody. Your vibration will accelerate, and it gives you space in your body and mind.

Probably you know, everything you have realised is the result of your way of thinking and acting till now. The more value of your Businessmedium Carla Broekhuizen is to develop your skills to a higher level to work with the Universe if you want to do this.

Business Entities

If you want to learn to communicate with your Business Entities by yourself is also possible. You will develop to ask the best questions and to receive more information from your business entities. You will learn to recognise what's the message of your head and the message of the Universe.

We're all human

There will be no good and no bad, no time because this doesn't exist, no perfectionism because you're a human and you still have to do something on earth in this life, your life. It's beautiful to develop this way of thinking and to work with businesspeople. I sometimes see resistance when we start because we're all human, and I can imagine why. The results and reactions are impressive, so if you want to experience it yourself, I love to hear from you.

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2  You ask we deliver input

You indicate what you want to work on, and we look at which inspiration the Universe offers you. These insights go right to the core and will cause for deepening and reflection. You can speak about everything that arose and discussed within this safe setting.

Right to the core

Or you want to learn more about the truth what or who will generate money for you, an investor, where to build, a new prototype, colours, materials, people on the right places in your companies, new people or accountants you want to work with, about a case or people you don't trust, if one of your investment projects is syrupy, you can't put your finger on the core, leaving the financial and or other output below expectations, or wanting to keep your investor under review...

Everything is energy, and you can bring in all these kinds of things beside each other during your consultancy traject. Try it out for a month, and you will be glad you did it!

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Monthly subscription

Your Business Consultancy support is a monthly period and can be canceled monthly 7 days before the end of the month digital. It's a business & personal development traject for when you want to achieve more synchronicity in all areas.

Your investment is € 22.000, excluding VAT a month with a maximum of 10 hours of monthly support. Start to change things now and send an email directly to or use the contact form, and our team will make you a proposal to start with your support.

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