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Breaking Free from your Twin Flame


Breaking free from your twin flame is an intensive and often years-long process. I have spoken to people where the energetic tug-of-war has sometimes gone on for over 30 years without them breaking free.
Much is said and written about twin flames. Yet I often hear that for many people who experience a connection with a twin flame, this is an energy-guzzling period without any prospect of substantial improvement for them.

What is a twin flame?

You can recognize a twin flame because you have a powerful, energetic connection with another human being. When you meet the other person, you feel like you are coming home.
The connection you have together is many lifetimes old.

The connection is powerful on:

  • Physical level
  • Emotional level
  • Soul Level - This soul connection is so powerful that you can't ignore it on a physical and emotional level as well.

Like no other, you can mirror each other and experience heaven on earth together in all kinds of ways, such as:

  • Love
  • Life energy
  • Growth
  • Spiritual development

Shadow side of twin flames

Experiencing the dark side of twin flames is also common. In this case, one of the twin flames often contacts energetically frequently with the other, whereby there is an energetic tug-of-war with the other.

Often, at a certain point, there is little or no contact with each other on an earthly level. However, this energetic contact can be debilitating for you if you don't realize what is happening and don't anticipate it.

Loskomen tweelingziel ondergaande zon

Energetic hooking up of twin flames

You can see how it works when one of the twin flames energetically connects. The person who hooks up to your system throws a fishing rod at your system. The barb gets stuck in your energy system.

When you are insufficiently aware of the fact that someone else is piggybacking on your energy, this costs you your energy. By energetically refueling one of the twin flames, an attack immediately occurs on your energy system.

Filling up with energy at twinflame

You can think of it this way. If you want to drive, you need energy. Whatever energy source you need for fuel, you can't go without it.

The twin flame that consciously or unconsciously connects to your system uses your fuel. They use your life energy. In contrast, the intention is that your twin flame gets their own life in order and that you no longer facilitate this process for the other. This part is your process of breaking free from your twin flame.

Awareness of energetic abuse
In other words, you are supposed to become aware of what is taking place. Only when you know what is taking place can

Take action to protect yourself. When it is possible, work things out together. If you don't work things out, they will keep repeating themselves and come your way both in this life and also in the next life.

Loskomen van tweelingziel kaarsen

Staying true to yourself

If things don't work between twin flames, it can cost you a lot of energy. The process can hollow you out, and you won't be the first to burn out entirely.

Step out of your possible feeling of anger or powerlessness that the other person does not take the lessons in this life. It will only cost you energy.

Keeping the energy system clean

Teach yourself to stay aware every time. Tune in to what's happening in you every time. Develop the art of keeping your energy system clean and returning the energetic approach of your twin flame if it is not a contribution to you and your system.

Every relationship, no matter what kind of relationship it is, should give you energy. On balance, this applies to any connection you have on an earthly level.
If this is not the case, look closely at yourself, ensuring you remain connected to the other person. Whether or not you see the person, touch them, or speak, it doesn't matter.

Keep your system clean

Work it out for yourself and keep your system clean.
Do you need help doing this? Find something or someone who makes a contribution to you and your system that feels right for you. No matter what someone tells you. Your body knows what suits you and your system.

Loskomen tweelingziel ontspannen

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Consciously and Unconsciously Energetically Twin-Flames Connections

There is a substantial difference if your twin flame knows or doesn't know whether they are energetically connected to your energy. You may be able to share this countless times with your twin flame that this hooking up to your system is taking place.
You can also know if the other person sees the destructive force they are doing to you when they connect to your energy system. Still, you can't force your twin flame to do something.

What you can do is break through the lines yourself and put your own life on track.
You will recover much of your energy through experiencing despair, anger, intense sadness, rage, and misunderstanding. Keep an eye on yourself so that you don't lose yourself in this process again. First of all, make the decision what you want. Then, step out of this process and put your life on track.

Twin Flame Clearing Process
The most essential step in the clearing process is that you are more and more aware of the energetic connection of your twin flame.

Don't lose yourself in the other person again. YOU are at the center of your own life. Focus on yourself and not on the other.

Process to keep yourself and your system clean:

  • Start your day with a clearing that works for you now. 
  • Become aware of the moments when your twin flame connects energetically.
  • Clean up your energy and return all other energy to the sender.
  • Do a clearing before you go to sleep.
  • Adjust the clearing if you need something else.

Example clearing

Clearing for twin flames
This karma of material theft, attacking, robbing and/or being in touch with my energy, positivity, selfless love, tenderness, self-love, intelligence, capacity, flexibility, power, wisdom, purity, peace, abundance, ease, pleasure, physical and inner strength, and creativity is not my karma. This karma is from the sender and returns to the transmitter vassa through the supreme light.

Yes Symbol accelerate
Yes Symbol accelerate
Yes Symbol accelerate

Breaking the twin flame connection

Only when you decide to break the energetic bond with your twin flame will new doors open.
Step into your trust. Live from surrender and follow what presents itself. By drawing a boundary, space is created so that new doors will open. Enjoy this process, and be grateful you have found the strength to break this process.

Live, enjoy intensely what else is possible, and be surprised by the new possibilities on your path.

Farewell ritual twin flame

Do you want to use rituals? Ask which ritual will support you in breaking your twin flame connection.
Follow the information you get without judgments and beliefs.

Yes Symbol Products

What has helped many people before is to use Yes Symbol Products. Think, for example, of Yes Symbol Stickers and the Sleep Sensation. The use of the Yes Symbol products supports you in your process to optimize your life energy. Use it to your advantage.
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Kind regards,

Carla Broekhuizen
YesPower – Passion for Empowerment


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