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Transformation On Location

Quick & Effective

Your Sparringpartner

Break trough the point you don't know how to go on with something. Go right to the heart of the matter and be supported by someone who can poke through masks for example during your:

  • Business Trip
  • Business Dinner - Business Lunch
  • Business Meeting - Team Meeting, Investors Meeting, Board Meeting, Development Meeting
  • Presentation

You get pure feedback that touches the core.

Are you that tired, and you keep going?

As your growth curve increases, your 'life lessons' come faster, and on a higher level. This growth can result in loneliness for the reason that people around you don't understand you anymore.

Whereby you might keep going because the stakes are high, so the pressure is getting higher and higher. In the meantime, you may be sleeping worse, and your health is under pressure. While through the outbreak of the Coronavirus it's even more essential to have a good resistance and stay sharp at all levels.

Why do YOU want to have a Sparringpartner

Independency is difficult for people. In this case the Universe will inform you with the information. Carla is able to be the independence translation between the Universe to you.

Are you going on a business trip, or a business meeting and want to have someone with a independence razor-sharp sense beside you, contact us. From a neutral and independent position without judgment, you will get your information offered out of the Universe.

Your YesPower Businessmedium guarantees: 

  • Reliable
  • Business development
  • Personal development
  • Exclusive


YesPower lives and works according to the principle if you live out of faith, anything is possible. The input which you will receive comes from the Universe. The information can also be meant symbolic, and there can be no rights derived from it.

Besides, you stay responsible in all areas for what you do in your business and your life. We only 'translate' the information from the Universe on your questions. It's up to you what you do with this option. You take responsibility in all areas and in all cases of how you deal with what we have put forward.

Now or never

Since you are still human under your calm appearance, it can be pleasant for you to share with a 'safe-heaven,' which concerns you in all areas. So the pressure can also escape from your boiler. Whereby, you will get the feeling you're getting a better grip on your life.

Do you remember the last time in your life carefree pleasure in your life prevailed? That you were completely relaxed and felt heard and seen? Or is it too long ago you were in life without judging yourself, your life, or your business?

Stop surviving and start making choices that make you happy. Choose the options which support your life, and work. Experience the difference with results like more pleasure in your work, sleep better, better results, less stress, more rest in your head, a better relationship, better health, more enjoyment in your life, and so on.


Your sparring partner is available in consultation per day. If you indicate the desired dates and the desired location, we contact as soon as possible to review the possibilities.


The location depends on your projects and where you want to receive additional information. The work can occur online or internationally on position, where the situation does not have to be an obstacle.


Commonly, the contribution of the Universe is broad and deep at all levels. It's good to mention, the interpretation of what the Universe encompasses can always be colored personally in a way that suits you.
The input of one day, call, or online meeting, can be as significant as working with someone else for years. 

Return on Investments

The return on your investments depends on:
Your projects and the issues what you want to solve
What the Universe delivers
Your qualities to handle the information from the Universe


Your investment depends on the number of days you want to employ Carla Broekhuizen as your Business Medium.


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