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Why YesPower

Peace, Joy & Surrender.   -   CB

In 2015 I looked at my life, and I knew I had to change things because my body and several incidents told me that I had to do this again. So I investigated my added value, what I liked most in my work till then, my qualities, and what gave me energy.

Things came together, and I letterly Googled for Coaching & Wealthy people. At first, I thought, why would I be the right person to do this?

  • I saw a lot of wealthy people. I noticed the eyes of a lot of people were like a mask with sadness and pain.
  • Eyes were not shining.
  • Live in a golden cage.

I decided to go for it.

Go to the core

When people ask me something about themselves or their business, answers come naturally out of my mouth. The answers go to the core, and it's lovely to do.

YesPower Nobebook

To work as a Business Medium is beautiful through:

  • It's okay to generate amazing things, and energy can flow.
  • It's okay to generate amazing things, and energy can flow.
  • It's okay to switch super fast and to go beyond.
  • To cooperate in developing awareness on the deepest levels.

Working on the highest levels allows me to support you, BE who you are, and share my insights. 

To be your Business Medium is a contribution for you and me.

Regarding recommendations... let's be honest... would you be open to sharing a review openly and nakedly even if you have reached your core and observed a significant acceleration on all levels through the process that we have gone through together?
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YesPower Birth

The combination of my clairvoyance, serene energy and positivity is unique. Decisive was what the result for the world and the next generations could be already when I just only could work with just a few of you. YesPower was born.

Through all my growth and lessons, I had several heavy years. I had to learn to get confidence to work with my clairvoyance on this level because I work with millions and milliards. I had to learn to trust the information out of the Universe. Or the information was exact enough for this level of functioning. That worked out well!!

Now, I'm very grateful for what I have chosen and for the gratitude of my customers!

Positive growth through extraordinary lessons

I live entirely from faith without knowing the 'how.' I see what's happening, step out of the situation and let me inspire through the Universe. I clean my system, fill myself with white light and self-love, and step into my confidence every time again.

From this position, I look to a situation and choose a positive contribution to my life.

Quick switching

I've learned that it's fundamental to teach yourself to ask the right questions and listen to the answers the Universe gives you.

My vision: Live from Confidence

From my perspective, it's the meaning of living out of trust and surrender. I don't get out of bed for less anymore. I think it's about aligning yourself with what you want to realise and relying on what the Universe tells you.

Besides, your life lessons will keep repeating themselves if you don't learn from these lessons.

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Core Values

The 7 core values in my life are:

  • Faith
  • Love
  • Gratitude
  • Wonder
  • Wisdom
  • Serenity
  • Light

Through these words, I work softly on the person, warm on the content, with power if it's necessary, knowledgeable, personal, and placed in context.

If you are a businesswoman or businessman who wants to develop your awareness at all levels, contact us for a short YesPower Talk so we can look or our match is okay to work together.

Do you want to grow in your consciousness?

The only way to cooperate is WE BOTH GET ENERGY of our cooperation. From this power, I share my expertise with you.

We will develop the transformation from the input of the Universe for a constructive contribution to your company and life at the right moment.


YesPower lives and works according to the principle if you live out of faith, anything is possible. The input which you will receive comes from the Universe. The information can also be meant symbolic, and there can be no rights derived from it. 

Besides, you stay responsible in all areas for what you do in your business and your life. We only 'translate' the information from the Universe on your questions. It's up to you what you do with the options. You take responsibility in all areas and in all cases of how you deal with what we have put forward.

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