Oh, YesPower Events, where ideas take flight,
A gathering of minds shining so bright.
Inspirational speakers, wisdom to bestow,
Sparking innovation and watching ideas grow.

Connections abound, friendships take root,
Collaboration flows a powerful pursuit.
Challenges embraced, solutions unfurled,
At YesPower Events, we shape the world.

So here's to the moments that we all share,
At YesPower Events, nothing can compare.
A celebration of surrender, passion, and might,
YesPower Events, you fill us with light.

YesPower Events


Work With Us

The added value of working with YesPower includes access to the highest vibrations, inspirational speakers and wisdom, intense enjoyment, opportunities for collaboration and connection, embracing challenges and finding solutions, passion, serve the highest good and filling participants with light.

Growth beyond

Let us move from surrender with the energy of what is. Harmonize and grow in your consciousness by embracing seemingly contrasting elements.

Life energy

The Yes Symbol generates potent life energy, also known as chi or prana, the vital force that sustains all living things. It is the essence of our existence, flowing through our body, mind, and spirit.

Infinite possibilities

Stop thinking in terms of boundaries and limitations. Break your usual patterns. Play the game of your life and use your infinite possibilities.

Say Yes

Say Yes to the energy of the Yes Symbol. The Yes Symbol is an influential, energetic surgeon and a potent channel for embracing opportunities, ease, pleasure, surrender, gratitude, abundance on all levels, positivity, and consciousness development.



The YesPower training courses offer added value through their comprehensive and dynamic approach to personal and professional empowerment training with the highest possible vibrations and the new exclusive powerful energy of the Yes Symbol.

These classes offer a unique blend of practical knowledge, inspiring insights, and hands-on experience. They aim to give individuals the skills and confidence to expand their consciousness with greater ease, joy, and surrender.

The added value lies in the high vibration of the expert guidance in combination with the high vibration of the Yes Symbol. These exclusive lessons are profound life experiences.

YesPowerment Call

YesPowerment Call

Don't forget to mark your calendars for the YesPowerment Calls!

These monthly online sessions take place on Tuesdays from 8:00 to 9:30 pm. They are designed to provide guidance and support on your journey to personal transformation and empowerment. Each call focuses on a different important everyday topic that you may encounter in your life.

By using the Yes symbol and expert coaching, participants are gently guided to access their inner strength, promote healing, and achieve personal growth.

Yes Symbol Accelerate

Yes Symbol Accelerate is a one-day training that introduces participants to the exclusive new knowledge and vibration of the Yes Symbol.

The program offers impactful experiences and expert guidance to guide individuals toward personal empowerment and positive transformation.

Yes Symbol Accelerate
YesPower Fundamentals

YesPower Fundamentals

YesPower Fundamentals is a 3-days training program with expert guidance. It has a very high vibration, plus the high vibration of the Yes symbol.

YesPower Fundamentals aims to empower your life energy, promote physical, mental, and emotional rejuvenation, and create a nourishing environment within yourself for inner healing and overall well-being.

1 on 1


The added value of the Silent Sessions and Healing with the Yes symbol is powerful and remarkable. These sessions are given on request. They provide a peaceful experience in which you can experience deep relaxation and inner healing.

The Yes symbol serves as a powerful catalyst for positive transformation, generating life energy and harmony. During the Silence sessions, participants are guided to calm their minds, release stress, and cultivate inner peace. The Yes symbol's high vibrations intensify the healing effects of the silence session, creating a profound connection with one's inner self and promoting emotional and spiritual balance. 

Additionally, the Healing with the Yes symbol facilitates the restoration of the body's natural life energy flow, promoting physical, mental, and emotional rejuvenation.

Expert Guidance

The expert guidance and the high vibration of the Yes symbol contribute to a transformative healing experience, allowing individuals to tap into their inner strength and vitality.

Overall, the added value of the silence session and healing with the Yes symbol lies in their ability to create a deeply transformative and rejuvenating experience, promoting overall well-being and inner harmony.

The sessions are on request and in silence.

YesPower Silence Session

Silence Session

Silence communicates more than words can express.

The YesPower Silence Session, participants are guided to calm their minds, release stress, and cultivate inner peace.

Healing Session - Yes Symbol Energy

Healing with the Yes Symbol facilitates the restoration of the body's natural life energy flow, promoting physical, mental, and emotional rejuvenation. 

YesPower Healing Session Yes Symbol Energy

It's unimaginable that today's energy is shaking up so many people's lives. Are you also in disarray right now? Do you know where to go or what you have to do?

Take advantage of this intense period. Take your chance now while everything is already in disarray. Make space for yourself to connect with yourself and avoid this confusion. Now you have the chance to choose how you want it.

For example, are you a coach, trainer, speaker, psychologist, psychiatrist, doctor, or dance teacher? You are human, too! You are welcome to strengthen your core and build your awareness process.