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Think different & BE different. Manage your business, life & body with your mind with the help of the Universe.

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1 hour instead 10 or maybe 100 hours of your time to find out how to solve your issues.

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Selected Successful Projects and Still Counting

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Solving the Source

Energetic trust person for directors of companies in assessing and solving the source of obstacles.

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Business Consultancy

Submit your varying business issues without prior introduction. This way of working allows you to receive feedback without noise.

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Personal Development

You're used to fasting switching. Now, however, you're going to work with someone who's sticking right through your masks, so you'll also quickly switch from business to personal development and vice-versa.

Where you want to start with is your choice.

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We use our experience to create yours

Business development & Lose yourself

In the last 16 years, I saw it every time again. Authentic people who followed their dreams created their lives and experienced beautiful moments in the focused areas.

When they forgot to focus on other levels of their life, they sometimes lived in golden chases and lost themselves.

If you want to follow your dreams on all levels, you have to focus on the several levels which are essential for you.

Time to change

You're a quick thinker, and you know the feeling not to be understood. If you want to develop on all levels with someone who doesn't need a lot of words to hear and see through your masks, you're at the right address.

Discover how we make a difference with your company & life

Abundance on all levels
From my punt of view, abundance on all levels is significant. If you're wealthy, you work with the law of attraction, maybe without knowing it.

You're focused, for example, for your companies, money, sports, if you play games and so on. While you maybe are lonely, meaning misses, have pain, have horrible relationships, you are addicted or have overweight.

Is this really what you want to keep in your life? Or do you want to choose other possibilities?


Check what people say about Carla Broekhuizen

"From the bottom of who I am, I can pronounce. Even though I sometimes shame myself on something, I can always express myself to you. You can always receive it. I have always longed to be understood, and with you, I feel understood.
I don't know this. That you receive it and that it is understood. Plus, it's all right without judgment.

You understand me.
You're touching me.
You can receive.
It feels very, very similar. I don't feel a difference."

Jaap Rodenburg

International Businessman & Coach

You give exactly the right advice, to take the right road to sucess.

Adriana Kabadozova

International businesswoman

"The top is where you belong."

Hans Kamperman


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