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"Enjoyment is an Art. An Art you can learn Now to Enjoy Forever."   -   CB

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Profound rest

I soon fell into a profound rest. Thank you very much, wise Carla!

Review YesPower Josje Rink

Josje Rink


She sleeps wonderfully, and her fears are also gone

After many sleepless nights, the Sleep Sensation gave our daughter what she needed; she sleeps wonderfully, and her fears are gone. Thanks, Carla.

Review YesPower Babette Zumbrink

Pedagogisch medewerker kinderopvang

Highly recommended!!

Very knowledgeable and professional. Also very friendly, personal, and involved. Highly recommended!!

Review YesPower Marieke Baan

Marieke Baan

directeur biodanzaschool 

Why YesPower?

 Are you increasingly looking for your authentic, powerful self?

Imagine yourself...


You live and work with increasing ease from inner loving strength and joy. Every day, you grow in your consciousness in a way that suits you. You stay very close to yourself, getting better and better. Plus, more often, you know what it is like to live and work from inner peace, love, wisdom, wonder, gratitude, surrender, trust, and a deep sense of freedom on all levels. 

What would this be like for you?

Do you want this too?


YesPower is a YesPowerment organization that offers opportunities from more than 40 years of transformation experience to find your authentic, powerful self on a deep level from peace, love, wisdom, wonder, ease, trust, and surrender.

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YesPower Classes & Events

Discover the transformative power within you with our inspiring YesPower Classes and Events. These include YesPowerment Calls, Yes Symbol Accelerate, and YesPower Fundamentals, and other classes, all designed to ignite your inner potential and lead you towards a more fulfilling life!

Our experienced coaches and trainers guide you through very high vibration, powerful techniques, meditations, and exercises. These are not just theoretical concepts, but practical tools that you can apply in your daily life to increase your awareness, remove blockages, and unleash your potential. Learn to say Yes to growth, surrender, abundance on all levels, and self-love.

Whether you're seeking personal development, stress management, or spiritual growth, our training courses are designed to provide you with practical tools and valuable insights that you can apply in your daily life. Click here for more information and to register, and start your journey towards a more empowered and fulfilling life!

YesPower Fundamental Class

YesPower Fundamentals

Join our exclusive comprehensive 3-day YesPower Fundamentals Class to strengthen your foundation and live with more ease and pleasure!

Under expert guidance and with the high vibration of the Yes symbol, you will discover how to boost your life energy, promote physical, mental, and emotional rejuvenation, and create a nurturing environment for inner healing and overall well-being.

Your energy boost is waiting for you!

Yes Symbol Accelerate

Yes Symbol Accelerate

Yes Symbol Accelerate is a one-day training that introduces participants to the exclusive new knowledge and vibration of the Yes Symbol. 

The program offers impactful experiences and expert guidance to help individuals achieve personal empowerment and positive transformation. 

If you want to discover the energy of the Yes Symbol, then register here for the Yes Symbol Accelerate training. 

Your inner strength is waiting for you!

Yes Symbol Products

YesPower offers services and products with an exceptionally high vibrational level.

YesPower is the creator of the unique Yes Symbol, a next-level energetic healer that helps empower your life energy and promotes physical, mental, and emotional rejuvenation. Discover the magic of the Yes Symbol and strengthen yourself!

Various Yes Symbol products are available, including Sleep Sensation, stickers, notebook, and more.

Sleep Sensation Ja Symbool Producten

Sleep Sensation

YesPower Sleep Sensation is een revolutionair product dat je nachtrust transformeert.

Met geavanceerde natuurlijke frequenties bevordert het diepe ontspanning, vermindert stress en verbetert de kwaliteit van je slaap.

Ervaar de magie van een verkwikkende nachtrust met YesPower Sleep Sensation!

Ja Symbool Sticker Transparant - Ja Symbool Producten

Ja Symbool Stickers

Take good care of your life energy with our high-quality Yes Symbol stickers

The Yes Symbol is the most powerful symbol in the world and acts as an energetic healer. Our clear and white stickers are designed to deliver the exact amount of energy you and your system need. 

Place them in areas that contribute to your well-being, such as under tables, chairs, telephones, and even water bottles.

Experience the positive impact of the Yes Symbol and strengthen yourself with every sticker!

YesPower Personal Growth

Explore your potential and reach new heights with our inspiring programs and products! We are part of the Awareness Organization YesPower Personal Growth B.V.

We strive for high vibration and the development of consciousness. Whether you are seeking self-development, emotional resilience, or spiritual growth, our expert coaches will assist you on your unique journey. Learn how to embrace personal growth and empowerment.

Other brands within the Consciousness Organization include SI Simbolo - The Most Powerful Jewels in the World and YesPower Business - Next Level Energy Management.

SI Simbolo Vita yellow gold 352 diamonds

SI Simbolo

SI Simbolo is the most powerful jewelry brand in the world.

SI Simbolo offers a unique and meaningful experience through its jewelry. 

Each piece of jewelry represents the powerful Yes Symbol that you choose based on your feelings, and you can even hold it in your hand.

Discover the beauty and power of SI Simbolo jewelry.

YesPower Business

YesPower Business is an organization dedicated to empowering individuals by tapping into over 40 years of transformational experience to help you discover your authentic, powerful self at a profound level in your life and business.

We focus on inner peace, love, wisdom, wonder, ease, trust, and surrender. Develop your consciousness, body, life, and business with the power of Yes!

"Freedom is to Be who you are."   -   CB

It's amazing how many people are currently being affected by the energy of the day. Are you feeling confused as well? Not sure how to handle this situation constructively and where to turn

Embrace this intense period as an opportunity. Seize the moment while everything is chaotic. Use this time of confusion to find connection with yourself. Decide what you truly want.

Whether you're a coach, trainer, speaker, consultant, psychologist, psychiatrist, doctor, or dance teacher... remember, you're human too!. You're encouraged to strengthen your core and develop your own process.