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"Enjoyment is an Art. An Art you can learn Now to enjoy Forever."   -   CB

About YesPower

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The top is where you belong.

Recommendation Hans Kamperman

Hans Kamperman

InternaTIONAl businessMAN


Carla is a confidant. She has a profound sense of business and people, and she gives you exactly the right advice.

Recommendation Adriana Kabadozova

Adriana Kabadozova

International businesswoman

Bij jou voel ik mij begrepen

I have always longed to be understood, and with you I feel understood.

Recommendation Jaap Rodenburg

Jaap Rodenburg

International businessman

Why YesPower?

 Are you increasingly looking for your authentic, powerful self?

Imagine yourself...


You live and work with increasing ease from inner loving strength and joy. Every day, you grow in your consciousness in a way that suits you. You stay very close to yourself, getting better and better. Plus, more often, you know what it is like to live and work from inner peace, love, wisdom, wonder, gratitude, surrender, trust, and a deep sense of freedom on all levels. 

What would this be like for you?

Do you want this too?


YesPower is a YesPowerment organization that offers opportunities from more than 40 years of transformation experience to find your authentic, powerful self on a deep level from peace, love, wisdom, wonder, ease, trust, and surrender.

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YES Symbol Products

The Yes Symbol is the most potent symbol in the world.

 Nowadays, various products of the Yes Symbol are available for you, such as Sleep Sensation, Stickers, notebooks, etc. Read more...

Ja Symbool Stickers Transparant

YES Symbol Stickers

Yes Symbol Stickers come in white and transparent.

The Yes Symbol is the most potent symbol in the world and is a powerful, energetic healer. Read more...

SI Simbolo Vita 18 carat The most powerful jewelry in the world

SI Simbolo

SI Simbolo the most powerful jewelry in the world. de meest krachtige juwelen ter wereld. Discover the beauty and power of SI Simbolo jewellery. Read more...

YesPower Business op locatie

YesPower Business

Find out what's in it for you to develop your personal and business awareness. Read more...

"Freedom is to Be who you are."   -   CB